Monday, April 28, 2008

OPM Mash-Up (REPOST) - Walang Kadala Dala (The Beatmeister's Sandwich Tearing It Apart Mash-Up Mix) - Joy Division vs. Sandwich

Here's another surprise mash-up comin' your way. Had to do another experimentation with some tunes and came up with this one. As I've promised before to a buddy named John, who surprisingly was American, but came to like this song very much, here's the tune he requested (sorry took a long time bro... just had to squeeze this in).

Have decided to mix in some elements from another one of my fave classic New Wave tunes from Joy Division, "Love Will Tear Us Apart," and added more drum beats and breakdowns to this nice Pinoy tune from Sandwich.

Would like to give a shout-out to all my Pinoy visitors, fellow bloggers and friends. Hope you enjoy this little experimentation of mine. :) Manila represent!!

And to my buddies and blogger friends from all over, even though the lyrics are in our own vernacular, please give this tune a try and you won't be disappointed. Trust me. PEACE!

Friday, April 25, 2008

An Absolutely Retro Experience - The Ultimate 80s Resurrection Mix

Here's another weekend retro treat from yours truly. It's been a while since I've last posted a set mix, so this time, some 80s contemporary music, mostly my favorite popular tunes from that decade. This special megamix is a must have for real 80s fanatics and retro diehards.

More tried and tested hits from Rick Astley, De Barge, Lionel Richie, Giant Steps, Miami Sound Machine, Madonna, Erol Brown, Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam, Janet Jackson, Climie Fisher, Michael McDonald and James Ingram.

1) Intro
2) Into You (Extended 12" Mix) - Giant Steps
3) Love Changes Everything (House Mix) - Climie Fisher
4) It Would Take A Strong, Strong Man (Matt's Jazzy Guitar Mix) - Rick Astley
5) All Night Long (Album Version) - Lionel Richie
6) Rhythm Of The Night (Hot Tracks Mix) - De Barge
7) Dr. Beat (12" Mix) - Miami Sound Machine

8) Holiday (Ultrasound Extended Mix) - Madonna
9) Sweet Freedom (Extended Mix) - Michael McDonald
10) Yah Mo Be There (Jellybean Remix) - James Ingram feat. Michael McDonald
11) Say It Isn't So (Special Extended Dance Mix) - Hall & Oates
12) Heartache (The Beatmeister's Short-Cut Remix) - Pepsi & Shirley
13) This Time (It's Forever) (12" Extended Mix) - Erol Brown - thanks to my buddies at PDDJs for this hard-to-find retro track; circa 89 DMZ and 89.9 Magic Mixes
14) Word Up! (Funky Mix) - Cameo
15) Batdance (Vicki Vale Mix) - Prince
16) Head To Toe (The Beatmeister's Remix) - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

17) Escapade (I Can Take No More Dub Mix) - Janet Jackson
18) Just A Touch Of Love (12" Extended Mix) - C&C Music Factory
19) The Best Things In Life Are Free (12" Extended Mix) - Luther Vandross feat. Janet Jackson

For the ultimate retro experience, step into my music time machine. PEACE! :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

OPM Retro + Classic New Wave = Is It Tym To Get Close To Me (The Beatmeister's Superb Mash-Up Mix) - The Cure vs. Mastaplann

I'm jumpstarting the week with a combination of the best of both worlds, old school OPM hip/hop and classic new wave. Here's a nice mash-up between Pinoy hip-hop pioneers, MastaPlann and the original gothic rockers, The Cure.

Mastaplann is an all-Filipino Hip Hop group that was formed in 1992 in the Philippines, with original group members Butch Velez aka Tracer One, Johnny Luna aka Type Slickk, Disco Mix Competition DJs Sonny Abad, Noel Macanaya aka DJ MOD, Lopi Guzman aka DJ Lopi, and managed by Jesse Gonzales. Butch and Johnny were balikbayans from the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles, CA, Sonny a balikbayan from Hercules, CA, near the San Francisco Bay Area and Noel and Lopi native Filipinos.

On the other hand, The Cure is an English rock band that formed in Crawley, Sussex in 1976. The band has experienced several lineup changes, with frontman, guitarist and main songwriter Robert Smith—known for his iconic wild hair, pale complexion, smudged lipstick and frequently gloomy and introspective lyrics—being the only constant member.

Now, here's what I got when I decided to mash-up two classic tunes from exactly different genres.

Opposites really do attract, don't they??? Enjoy mates! :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

M.O.P. Mix 18 - A Saturday Night Off Mix by DJ MoProd

Another cool retro set from my co-DJ and buddy, DJ Moprod, from Houston. Somethin' for the weekend. Here's a mix of superb new wave and retro pop tunes from the 80s. I kinda like this one coz' he included my favorite retro track, Promises, Promises from Naked Eyes.

BTW, here's a pic he sent me from one of his gigs in the US. Nice DJ rig bro! :)

Here's the tracklist:

1. Promises, promises - Naked Eyes
2. Dont You Forget About Me - Simple Minds
3. Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
4. Out Of Touch - Hall & Oates

5. Head To Toe - Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam
6. This Beat Is Hot - BG The Prince Of Rap

Enjoy his short, but sweet retro set. Have a great weekend everyone! PEACE!

Monday, April 14, 2008

OPM Retro - Cold Summer Nights (The Beatmeister's Remix) - Francis M

Here's a cool tune most appropriate for the hot summer days and nights we are currently experiencing here in Manila. It's a nice retro 80s track by a well-known Filipino rapper named Francis M (or Francis Magalona). Am sure my fellow Pinoys are very much familiar with him, as well as this song, as he has been in the music scene for quite sometime now and has already produced a number of hits. Here's a brief backgrounder of him taken from wikipedia .

Francis "Kiko" Magalona or as he is also known FrancisM, Master Rapper, and The Man From Manila is credited as being the first Filipino rapper in the Philippines to successfully crossover to the mainstream. He is also popularly known as the "King of Pinoy Rap" and is one of the most idolized, celebrated and influential rappers within the genre.
Its one of my fave retro OPM (Original Pilipino Music) tracks from the 80s, so I've decided to do some updating and adding a little more flava to this already great song with some funky/hip-hop beats. I've also manipulated the drum beats during the remixing and added some effects here and there to make it more interesting.

Cold Summer Nights (The Beatmeister's Remix) - Francis M

Somethin' for my fellow "kababayans" and foreign visitors alike. Enjoy and ciao for now!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back Once Again - A Four-To-The-Floor Classic Anthems Mix

Been quite a long time since I've last posted some dance music and I think now is the right time to pump up the volume and get everyone movin' to the beat once again. I've compiled some of the best (from my personal choice of) classic house tunes and mixed them into an approximately 80-minute set.

The tracks included are from a handful of the best in house music: Benny Bennassi, David Morales, Eric Prydz, Todd Terry, Paul Johnson, Basement Jaxx, Shapeshifters, Steve Angello, The Bucketheads, Mylo, Ferry Corsten, Junior Jack, Joey Negro, Daft Punk, Armand Van Helden, Fedde Le Grande, Olav Basoski, and tons more...

I've tried my very best to incorporate all the elements and sub-genres of house music in one continuous mix set; from commercial to vocal to progressive to electro to tech to funky.

1) Needin' U (Club Mix) - David Morales
2) Where's Your Head At (Extended Mix) - Basement Jaxx
3) Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Soul Central Loves Detroit Mix) - Fedde Le Grand
4) Stupid Disco (Hott 22 Mix) - Junior Jack
5) Born Slippy (2006 Spacecab Remix) - Underworld
6) Music Sounds Better With You (Anthem From Paris Remix) - Stardust
7) Get Down (DJ Shaqwave Remix) - Paul Johnson
8) Bodyrock (Olav Basoski Remix) - Moby
9) Groove In You (Dave Armstrong Remix) - Steve Angello
10) Call On Me (Extended Mix) - Eric Prydz

11) Make A Move On Me (Joey Negro Old School Dub) - Joey Negro
12) I Like The Way (Junior Jack Rock Da House Remix) - Bodyrockers
13) Drop The Pressure (Rafael Oliver Club Mix) - Mylo
14) Professional Widow (Armand Van Helden Remix) - Tori Amos
15) Da Bomb (Powerhouse Remix) - The Bucketheads
16) Can You Feel It (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark Remix) - Phillipe B vs. Todd Terry
17) Lola's Theme (Westar Mix) - Shapeshifters
18) Charmonix 77 Strings (Club Mix) - Kurtis Mantronik

19) Rock Your Body, Rock (Extended Mix) - Ferry Corsten

20) One More Time (DJ Antoine Mix) - Daft Punk
21) Satisfaction (The Beatmeister's Remix) - Benny Bennassi

In time for the weekend, put your hand's up, get get down, rock your body, rock one more time with satisfaction! :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Little Something for My Dear Wifey - Sailing (The Beatmeister's Trippy Remix) by Christopher Cross

Here's a very special remix, which I've created and solely dedicate to the most important person in my life, my wifey dear. It's one of our fave laidback tunes especially when we need to cool down, destress and relax at the end of the day. I even remember hearing this sung live by the man himself, Christopher Cross, when he performed here in Manila, I think about four or five years ago if I'm not mistaken, along with four other great contemporary artists of their time, namely Kenny Rankin, Angela Bofill and Rex Smith. Too bad, there wasn't a repeat of that superb concert anymore.

Anyhow, I'm glad she enjoyed and liked it when I first played it in the car and I hope to share it also with everyone. I was inspired when I first heard another good remix of this song back at Dirk's 80's forum (which is more hiphop flavored), so I've decided to create one, but more of my style, which is more trippy/chillout/drum&bassy.

Here's the link...

Sailing (The Beatmeister's Trippy Remix) - Christopher Cross

This is just my simple way of expressing how much I appreciate all the support that she has given me in all my endeavors. :)