Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Touch Of Jazz - Acid That Is...

After a long sabbatical from posting mixes because of some unforseen predicament, am back and ready to share more of my work and the music that I enjoy listening to.

For today's post, will be offering somethin' different once more. Have compiled some of the best Acid Jazz and Jazz Rap, which I enjoy very much when I want relax and just chill out. This mix is also the best soundtrack for rainy, gloomy days.

Acid Jazz is a term that has been used to refer to original recordings by artists like Roy Ayers, Donald Byrd's Blackbyrds, and other rare groove artists (the term "rare groove" refers to the fact that the vinyl albums collected by DJs were rare and difficult to find. The DJs often pasted blank labels over the record's regular label to keep other DJs from finding out what records they were sampling), while Jazz Rap is a fusion of alternative hip hop and jazz, developed in the late 80s and early 90s. Known for intellectual, often socio-political or Afrocentric lyrics and jazz beats (sometimes performed by a live band, instead of sampled), jazz rap sells primarily to a small fan base.

Usual suspects in today's mix would include music from A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, People Under The Stairs, Guru, Jurassic 5, Martine Girault, Thievery Corporation, Count Basic, Ninja Tunes, and remixes from DJ Nu-Mark, GB, Two Lone Swordsmen and Thievery Corporation.

1) Intro
2) Spiritual Love - Urban Species - from my Best Of Acid Jazz CD Volume 1

3) Big City - Outside - from my Best of Acid Jazz CD Volume 1
4) A Bad Trip - Night Train - from my Best Of Acid Jazz CD Volume 2
5) Been Thinking About You - Martin Girault - cool tune!
6) Schooled In The Trade - People Under The Stairs - cool vibe!

7) San Francisco Knights - People Under The Stairs - nice Jazzy Hip Hop; love their stuff!
8) The Richest Man In Babylon - Thievery Corporation (The Beatmeister's Babylon Remix) - masters of acid jazz
9) The LA Song - People Under The Stairs - my fave PUTS tune!; have scratched my way through this!
10) Feel The Revival - Guru vs. Martine Girault (The Beatmeister's Jazzy MashUp Mix) - hope you enjoy this mashup by yours truly :)
11) Can I Kick It - A Tribe Called Quest (The Beatmeister's Kickin' It Remix) - Q-Tip and the rest of gang kickin' it!
12) Remember Me - Count Basic - from my Best Of Acid Jazz Volume 1
13) The Urban Theme - Maxwell - another Acid Jazz pioneer; from my Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite CD

14) Shaolin Satellite - Theivery Corporation (Full Length Version) - cool, laidback tune!
15) Up, Bustle & Out - Ninja Tunes - cool jazzy dub!
16) Pure Shores - All Saints (2 Da Beach U Don't Stop Remix) - nice remix; another of wifey's faves!
17) Keepin' The Faith - De La Soul (Fly N' Funky Remix) - jazzy hip hip pioneers; title sounds like a favorite line used in "Prison Break;" our current fave series BTW.
18) Bold And Black - Eddie Harris (DJ Nu-Mark Remix) - from my "Atlantiquity" CD; Jazz and Funk classics remixed
19) Buddy - De La Soul feat. A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifah & Monie Love (12" Remix)
20) Funk You Up - The Sequence (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
21) Battleflag - Lo Fidelity Allstars - from my MTV Amp CD
22) Just A Little Lovin' - Carmen McCrae (GB Remix) - from my "Atlantiquity" CD; Jazz and Funk classics remixed
23) Stakes Is High - De La Soul feat. Mos Def (Remix) - Jazz HipHop at its best
24) Warning Shots - Thievery Corporation (Vinyl Version) - cool hiphop beats infused with some reggae

25) The Game - Jurassic 5 - Hip Hop You Don't Stop
26) Holy Calamity - Handsome Boy Modelling School (Featuring DJ Shadow & Dj Quest) - hip-hop collaboration between Dan The Automator and Prince Paul (producer of De La Soul)

Please check out my previous post titled, "Some Cool Urban Vibes - The Beatmeister's HipHop MixTape", if you enjoyed this one.

Today is indeed The Rebirth Of Cool!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Beatmeister On is a cool website, which features talented Filipino DJs and their mixes from around the globe and I am thankful to be invited by DJ Steve, who is a veteran DJ himself based in California and runs the website, as part of their roster. Here's a look at his current post where my mix of Deep/Soulful House was featured.

You can also go to the DeeJay page where all the other pinoy DJs and their profiles are featured. Here's a look at mine...

For more superb four-on-the-floor mixes, please visit his site!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Some Drum & Bass Tunes - Filipino Style

Here are two tracks, which I've used in my "East Meets West - The Ultimate Trippy Beats Mix" post. Both tunes are from the local Filipino electronic scene, which I've remixed to fit into the set. Check it out if you're into drum & bass stuff.

SSS Groove Squad - Squid 9 (Beatmeister's Calamar n' Squid Balls Remix)

Maybe - Up Dharma Down (Beatmeister's Fragmented Remix)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rock The Funky Teardrop - The Beatmeister's TripHop MashUp Mix

Had some bad luck last week when my trusty computer broke down so I might not be able to upload new mixes for the meantime.

Anyways, for today, will be uploading a special track, which I've included in a previous mix last June titled, "The iPOD Generation - An Eclectic Mix." This is a simple mash-up of two of my favorite chillout electronic tunes, Massive Attack's "Teardrop" (which BTW is also the theme from my wifey's favorite FOX series, House M.D.) and a classic drum&bass track from The Natural Born Chillers called "Rock The Funky Beats." Hope you like it.

Rock The Funky Teardrop - Massive Attack vs. The Natural Born Chillers (The Beatmeister's TripHop MashUp Mix)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gonna Break Down The Doors - Some Tribal/Latin Grooves

Another week's coming to an end and what better way to blast your weekend than with a serving of smooth and funky tribal house with a touch of latin groove.

As the fourth installment from my Housed Up Series ("A Taste Of Hed Kandi - Let There Be House", "Chillout Weekend - A Journey Into Soulful Jazzy House", and The 80s Remixed, Remashed and Rehashed - Some Electro House For You"), here's another form of house, which is more drum-focused and without a core melody. It also relies on sophisticated drum patterns for the rhythm and consists of various drums sounds.

Tribal house is a fusion of various styles and may be considered as an extension of funky house, usually uplifting and cheerful, and can definitely progress to Latin House, which is what this set is all about.

Most notable DJs for this sub-genre of house include Eric Morillo (considered the Godfather Of House), Masters At Work (Kenny "Dope" Gonzales and Little Louie Vega), Bob Sinclar, and some stuff from Groove Armada.

Now for the tracklist:
1) Diamond Life - Louie Vega (Deep Dish Remix)
2) But I Feel Good - Groove Armada (Murk Miami Downtown Mix)
3) What Do You Want - Eric Morillo feat. Terra Deva (Club Mix) - funky tune!
4) Front 2 Back - Playgroup feat. KC Flight (2006 Kenny Dope Gotta Extended Mix)
5) Dont Stop The Dance - Bryan Ferry (2004 Blaster Project Extended Tribal Mix) - nice remix of this 80s hit!

6) Music (Makes You Groove) - Jochen Pash (2006 Raul Rincon Remix)
7) Break Down The Doors - Eric Morillo (Eric's Tripped Out Dub) - nice tribal house tune!

8) The Beat Goes On - Bob Sinclar (Brian Tappert & Kid Creme Remix)

9) Gimme The Night - George Benson (2005 Club Mix) - my fave tune here!; nice house remix of this GB hit!; FUNKY!
10) Sophisticated Groove - Christian Alvarez (Dub Instrumental Mix) - jazzy tune!

11) Show You How - Stonebridge feat. Julie Morrison (Wonderchops Mix) - some latin flava!

12) Canto De Orfeo - Espirito (Gamba Freaks Mix) - cool groove; nice remix!

13) Mas Que Nada - Sergio Mendes feat. The Black Eyed Peas (Masters At Work Remix) - excellent tune from da man; excellent remix from MAW; check this out!!!!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Some Great Reward - A Depeche Mode Tribute Mix

With Depeche Mode, there is the reality of the influential electrosynth-pop group that emerged in the early 80s and seems to be part of a history of pop music together with Human League, Ultravox, OMD, Gary Numan, and Soft Cell. They were the Basildon Kraftwerk, the teenage Roxy, the Essex beatboys. This was the original reality of the group, a doo wop boy band, and then the other alternative spun off from there -- the remixes of the image of Depeche Mode started to happen, the idea, which was reworked, remodelled and reformed.

Dream versions of DM developed -- the electro-acoustic stadium rock band that bridged the culture gap between Kraftwerk and U2, the electro-goth cult group that morphed The Cure with Nine Inch Nails, the avant garde disco fantasy that crawled a thin tense black line between techno-trance and latent-house. They were the remix pioneers that charted a doomy, glamorous route between the rave and the grave.

Their songs told stories about fear, force, sex, love, hate, desire, control, pressure, obsession, pain, action, obedience, like the best pop songs often do. Their remixes overshadowed their songs, suggesting greater depth, more muscle, shadow, pulse and a certain shapeshifting energy.

Today's upload is my ultimate tribute to a legendary new wave/electro/synth group from the 80s, which are truly the pioneers of electronic music with their heavy use of synthesizers, drum machines and sound effects as reflected in their songs and also the story of this band, which can be viewed as the history of the Remix and 12" Extended Versions.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this strange pop or dark rock group, a disordered disco experience, an experimental ambient group, a menacing dance group, or anything, which hardcore DM fans may like to describe their sound.


1) Blasphemous Rumors (The Rumors Strike Back Mix) - my ultimate fave and from my personal opinion, their BEST SONG ever!; gloomy and melancholic; superb remix also
2) World In My Eyes (Daniel Miller Mix) - from my "depechemode remixes 81-04" CD
3) Happiest Girl (Art Maharg Mix) - thanks to Retrowonderland for this track!
4) Everything Counts (Absolut Mix) - from my "depechemode remixes 81-04" CD; the graaabing hands, graaaab all they can!
5) Shout (Rio Remix) - from my "depechemode remixes 81-04" CD
6) No Disco (RZMD DJ Mix) - thanks to Retrowonderland for this track!
7) Policy Of Truth (Capitol Mix) - from my "depechemode remixes 81-04" CD
8) It Doesn't Matter (EMP Mix) - nice remix!
9) Just Can't Get Enough (2006 Dirty South Mix) - thanks to skin for this track!
10) Photographic (Rex The Dog Dubb Mix) - from my "depechemode remixes 81-04" CD

11) Master & Servant (Razormaid Mix) - my second fave DM tune!; this tune is the origin of all remixes and 12-inch extended plays
12) People Are People (Tony Arzadon Remix) - nice remix!
13) Martyr (DJ 80s Funkin' Beat n Bass Dub) - strange, but nice
14) Personal Jesus (Trentemoller Side A Remix) - thanks to skin for this track!

15) Shake The Disease (Understand Me White Label 2005 Mix) - understand me!; nice updated remix
16) Dream On (2005 Steve's X-Factor White Label Remix) - electro tinged!; thanks to skin for this track!
17) Never Let Me Down Again (Digitalism Mix) - radical remix of another one of my fave DM tracks!
18) Personal Jesus (Razormaid Mix) - just felt the need to end this tribute with this great track with a different remix

With the protective help of the remixes and the remixers, DM stand, as they did back in the days of the 12 inch single, back in the vinyl age, on the edge of tomorrow. Looking Forward, listening forward.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Guilty Pleasures - Another Slow Retro Mix

Having my first shot at this last June titled, "Magic Mixes - A Cheesy Retro Mix for The Weekend," I've decided to do another one just to satisfy the cheesiness I'm feeling today.
Today's mix comprises hits mostly from the 90s and some old mushy tunes, which were also remixed and were very popular DJ tunes during that time. Expect more of my favorite cheesy, but nice-to-listen-to tunes from Hall & Oates, Madonna, John Cougar Mellencamp, SWV, PM Dawn, Nu Shooz, Simply Red, Janet Jackson and a lot more.

Now for the tracks:
1) Blame It On The Rain - Milli Vanilli (US Extended Remix) - the lipsync kings! hehe...
2) Make It Easy - Sybil (Euro Remix) - mushy anthem here in Manila back in the late 80s; a different version from the previous one I've used
3) Method Of Modern Love - Hall & Oates (Original 12" Extended Mix) - cool tune from these guys; thanks to Fexy once more of Born Again 80s for this superb track!

4) Jack & Diane - John Cougar Mellencamp (Rock Shock Remix) - nice guitar riff!

5) Hippychick - Soho (Hot Tracks Remix) - nice tune from the 90s; samples "How Soon Is Now" by The Smiths
6) Hold You Tight - Tara Kemp (12" Extended Mix) - still have my vinyl of this one!
7) One On One - Hall & Oates (The Beatmeister's Combination Remix) - another one from the dynamic duo; thanks to my buddy djaymon for giving me both versions; I can't decide, which one to use so I just mashed them up!
8) Lovely Day - S.O.U.L. System (Album Version) - another Clivilles & Cole Project; nice remake
9) Girl You Know It's True - Milli Vanilli (12" Extended Mix) - another one from the lipsync kings

10) Set A Drift On Memory Bliss - PM Dawn (Mixx It Version) - added a little bit of Spandau in the mix
11) Ditty - Paperboy (12" Version) - cheesy rap track from the 90s
12) Dancing Queen - ABBA (Ultimix) - ultimate cheese; this one's a real guilty pleasure of mine

13) Let's Wait A While - Janet Jackson (1994 Ultimix Unreleased Edit Mix) - cheesy, but nice remix though

14) Crazy For You - Madonna (Ultimix) - another cheese, but nice remix too
15) Right Here, Human Nature - SWV feat. Michael Jackson - love this song; nice mashup
16) Close To You - Whigfield (Intimate Remix)
17) Stars - Simply Red (Comprende Mix) - favorite track used by DJs back in the 90s especially in DMC competitions
18) I Can't Wait - Nu Shooz (Original 12" Extended Version) - nice tune!
19) Straight Up - Paula Abdul (Ultimix) - this was before "American Idol"

Here's to another cheesy flashback for your weekend!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Rave On, Trip Out - A Journey Into Trance and Techno

For someone who has great love and passion for music, I am not limiting myself to just one or two genres and am very open to new and different sounds for growth and diversity. It is also through music that I learn to appreciate different types of people, culture and places.

With too much exposure to electro and the retro 80s sound, I suddenly felt the need to try something different once more and put together a mix composed of beats and elements of Trance and Techno.
Techno started in the early 90s and reached its peak late 90s to 2000 with pioneers Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson leading the pack. Also known as the Belleville Three, these 3 high school friends from a Detroit suburb soon found their basement tracks in dancefloor demand and thus, the term "Detroit Techno" evolved.

As for Trance, it is a style of electronic music, which developed in the 90s. It is generally characterized by a BPM of between 130 to 150 and features repetitive melodic synthesizer phrases, and a musical form that builds up and down throughout the track and also features crescendos and/or breakdowns. It also reached its peak, almost the same time, as Techno did, but each had a different crowd back then.

Also dance music events were the main thing during this Techno/Trance boom with Gatecrasher (Birmingham) and Sensation (Amsterdam) as the most popular.

For today's upload, I will try my best to mix both of these genres together for a more club-like feel and start the week with a blast with these heavy, hard pumping beats. Expect well-known Trance heroes like Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Underworld, Chicane, Blank & Jones mixed with my favorite Techno warriors like The Warp Brothers, Josh Wink, Paul Oakenfold, Darude, and Dave Clark.

Now for today's tracklist:
1) Moments In Love - Vision (Rob Searles Anthem Mix) - from my "BEST OF TRANCE 2001 CD"
2) Beautiful Day - U2 (Paul Oakenfold Remix) - nice remix!
3) Dooms Night - Azzido Da Bass (Pasal F.E.O.S. Treatment Mix) - from my "BEST OF TRANCE 2001 CD"

4) Beyond Time - Blank & Jones (Club Mix) - from my "BEST OF TRANCE 2001 CD"
5) We Are Alive - Paul Van Dyk (Breathless Mix) - my favorite trance track here from the trance guru!;
6) Unbreakable - DJ Sammy (Album Version)
7) Synaesthesia (Fly Away) - The Thrillseekers feat. Sheryl Deane ( Paul Van Dyk Vocal Mix) - great remix from PVD; from my "BEST OF TRANCE 2001 CD"

8) We Will Survive - Warp Brothers (Club Mix Short Break) - love this hard techno track especially the breakdown!
9) Feel The Beat - Darude (js16 Dark Mix) - another great techno track!

10) Born Slippy - Underworld (Hard House Remix) - a classic trance track remixed hard house style; my fave tune from Underworld!
11) Sweet Surrender - Sarah McLachlan (DJ Tiesto Mix) - nice remix from one of the greatest trance DJs; from my "Sarah McLachlan Remixed CD"
12) Suburban Train - DJ Tiesto (Album Version) - from my "Tiesto: In My Memory CD"
13) Love On The Run - Chicane (Club Mix) - another fave track of mine!
14) Time To Burn - Storm (12" Long Version) - from my "BEST OF TRANCE 2001 CD"

15) Zombie Nation - KernKraft 400 (Dave Clark Mix) - from my "BEST OF TRANCE 2001 CD"
16) Phat Bass - Warp Brothers (Aquagen More Bass Mix) - another one from the great Warp Brothers
17) Higher State Of Consciousness - Wink (Club Mix) - techno anthem!; from my Urbal Beats: Definitive Guide to Electronic Music CD (a collectors CD)
18) Caterpillar - Keoki (Club Mix) - techno anthem!; from my Urbal Beats: Definitive Guide to Electronic Music CD (a collectors CD)
19) Sandstorm - Darude (Tom Hafman Remix)

Here's to loads of funky resergent!