Sunday, August 31, 2008

That Kinda House - A Mix by DJ Stevie

It's September 1 today and in the Philippines, it's the start of the Yuletide season (hehe... I know, it's really quite early), but that's what we've gotten used to and let me be the first one to greet everyone an early Merry Christmas!

Also, another better way to start the month for music geeks (like me), than kicking off the Christmas season, is to welcome another new resident DJ/contributor in the house, Stevie Velasco a.k.a. DJ Stevie. It's really my pleasure to be able to include my buddy, DJ Stevie, in our ever growing roster of Pinoy DJs and contributors, as I remember that he was among the first ones to ever invite me back at his blog, featuring me as one of his resident DJs too and my mix of some Soulful Jazzy Chillout House, and I really appreciate it buddy. Thanks again! :D

Hailing from Hayward, California, his interest in DJ'ing started around the peak days of mobile DJs in the Daly City, California area where he would watch in awe as mobile DJ groups like Spintronix, LiveStyle (Qbert’s group) , Skyway Sounds, etc., would duke it out on 4 Turntables with quick mixes. Everyone he knew in high school either belonged or was affiliated with a group so he eventually decided to start his own mobile gigs as well.

During the late 90’s, he did residency stints for bay area promoters Via Manila, Club Manila (SF, LA and NYC), and Fusion spinning mostly commercial dance anthems.

A born-again like experience occurred to him when he stumbled upon Mark Farina spinning a 4-hour set at a local party and he describes that it was the first time he heard raw house that deep and was hooked ever since and never looked back. He also held a biweekly residency @ Glaskat as well as one nighters at 1015, DNA Lounge among others.

His favorite labels in house music include Amenti, Drop Music, Aroma, DAE, Tango, OM Records, NRK and Myna. There are too many artist/producers, he mentions, but among his faves are Inland Knights, Olivier Desmet, Giom, Da Sunlounge, Bryan Jones, Chuck Love and Fish Go Deep, Joshua Heath, JT Donaldson, Lance Desardi, White Lotus Society and The Littlemen. Currently, he and his group of friends host a monthly event called Retro Manila in the Bay Area.

With a fulltime job as dad and an Oracle Database Administrator, he does what he can to share his love for House music by doing one nighters, gigs, hosting mixes online, hanging out at record stores or forums.

He was able to play at the last WMC (Winter Music Conference) held in Miami alongside DJ Heather, Olivier Desmett and Fred Everything. Nice one bro! :)
He also hosts a bi-monthly online show every 2nd Saturday of the month (10 PM EST; 10 PM PST) with the same name, "That Kinda House," which I highly recommend for house freaks out there.

Today's excellent set is a proof of DJ Stevie's love for house music especially on the deep and funky side with artists like Kinky Movement, Tommy Largo, Greenskeepers, ECB & DJ Heather to name a few (DJ Stevie is a true blue househead indeed).

1) Neighbour - That Kinda House
2) Tommy Largo - Make Me High
3) Lawnchair Generals - When I Think
4) Formidable Force - Zip Jumper
5) Kinky Movement - Be Bop
6) Kinky Movement - Gotta Be Smart
7) Groove Federation - Hey Baby
8) ECB & Dj Heather - Picture of You
9) Kirby & Damien Bailey - I Like It
10) Random Factor - Without You
11) Edmund - True Love
12) Greenskeepers - NY Lady
13) Groove Federation - Can Read Ur Mind
14) Groove Federation - The Beat Goes Boom

15) Rob Brown & Leon Louder - The Throwdown
16) Johnny Fiasco - The Message

Link... That Kinda House - A Mix by DJ Stevie (click to preview; right click and "Save As" to download)

Now this is what I call deep and funky house music made especially for the purists. A bigups to you buddy and please do spread the vibe! Welcome DJ Stevie @ totallymixedup! Time to get FUNKY!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lagnat Laki Mix - A DJ Mix by Spazzkid

Here's a very cool and out-of-this-world mix set performed by none other than the Spazzkid himself. I really enjoyed listening to his very unique set as he was able to fuse in different genres of music including some classic OPM hits from Gary V and VST & Company.

He mentions that he was stricken with some colds, cough and fever and spent most of the time in bed and when he felt better, recorded this spur-of-the-moment mix with some random samples and songs that he had on his DJ rig at that time (just to let us know how he came out with such a unique mix title).

Another excellent and very creative (if I may say so) kind of mix to perk up your weekend from the master of cutting, pasting, mashing, sampling, randomizing, freaking us out and what have you... the Spazzkid.

Samples and songs used (in no particular order):

1) aphex twin - window licker

2) daft punk- harder better faster stronger
3) 50 cent - In da club
4) marvic sotto/vst - ill sing, cmon dance
5) dfa1979 - sexy results
6) spazzkid - dreamer
7) justice vs simian mobile disco - we are your friends
8) hotchip - ready for the floor
9) michael jackson - billy jean
10) pedicab - simulan mo na
11) pedicab - ang pusa mo
12) lcd soundsystem - daft punk is playing at my house
13) gary valenciano - di bale na lang
14) the streets - all goes out the window
15) the avalanches - when i left you

Link... Lagnat Laki Mix - A DJ Mix by Spazzkid (click to preview, right click and "save as" to download)

All I can say is that this mix is definitely ear candy. Kudos to you my man and hoping for more music eclecticism in your upcoming sets that only the Spazz can deliver. I definitely had a blast listening to it! PEACE!! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Midnight In A Perfect World (The Beatmeister's KP3 Remix5) - DJ Shadow

Here's the ultimate chillout song for me, great for relaxing and just taking it easy. One of my fave DJs/producers in the trip hop scene, DJ Shadow has been considered a prominent figure in the instrumental hip hop/trip hop scene and has gained popularity with the release of his highly acclaimed debut, "Endtroducing," which was constructed entirely from samples.

This track taken from the album is a typical example of how he was able to construct an excellent and original tune with just the use of sampling. Here are a few of the samples used:

"Sower of Seeds" by Baraka
"Outta State" by Akinyele
"Life Could" by Rotary Connection
"California Soul" by Marlena Shaw
"The Human Abstract" by David Axelrod
"The Madness Subsides" by Pekka Pohjola
"Dolmen Music" & "Gotham Lullaby" by Meredith Monk
"Releasing Hypnotical Gases" by Organized Konfusion
"Summer Breeze" by The Isley Brothers "Soul" by S.O.U.L.

I've to decided to do my own remix to this very cool track with a major influence from DJ Shadow himself (esp. with the delays and breakdowns), thanks to my new Korg. I've also done some looping and mixing of my favorite parts within the song with a bit of old school/tape splicing style remixing.

Enjoy and have a cool week ahead!! :D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Beatmeister Crosses Over To The Vault

It's another milestone for me... as The Boy Wonder a.k.a. Benjie Collantes, a US-based veteran New Wave DJ extraordinaire of one of the best New Wave Stations on the web, The Vault Live 365 featuring The Best Obscure Music On The Net, will be playing my Protection Remix of Tuesday Blue's "Tunnel Vision," on his program this Saturday Night between 7 to 8 PM (Pacific Standard Time) or around Sunday noon here in Manila and will be including it on their regular playlist. Man, that is really cool.. :D Please try to catch it if you can and give me some support. Once more, thanks again Benj for giving me the opportunity to share my work to a larger audience. More power bro!

Also, check out "The Vault In The Mix" from 8 PM til' midnight (Pacific Standard Time) every Saturday for the best in non-stop New Wave Mixes by The Boy Wonder, and other veteran DJs from Manila's legendary mobiles from the 80s, RSL, Eyeball Dub and Mobile One. PEACE OUT!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Groove Purveyor Sessions Volume 1 - A DJ Mix by SPiNTECH

Have no fear, coz Mick Barroga a.k.a. Spintech is here. First of all, would like to welcome Spintech to Totally Mixed Up's roster of superb Pinoy talent.

Mick started "old school" spinning back in 1989 (he's a veteran in DJ'ng indeed) with tons of experience in mixing, remixing and music production. He's currently part of the Electronica Manila Collective (along with Mark Redito -- Spazzkid) and has a local residency radio show at 106.7 Dream FM called Saturday Spin aired every 9:00 PM til' 12:00 MN on weekends. He also does occasional DJ+Live PA guestings from time to time. As for Live PA, he usually play his own compositions, which mostly dwell on the four-to-the-floor genre more commonly known as "house music."

It's really an honor for me to have Spintech as one of our regular contributors and resident DJs with his vast experience in doing mixsets, remixes, mash-ups and music production. This is indeed great news for house music afficionados and those who love hearing new material. I, personally, have already used some of his past remixes and mash-ups for my previous mixsets (check out the archives).

For today's set, Mick focused on the disco/electro side of house from his personal collection including an original tune, which (luckily for us) are still exclusives. What more can I say, but a big thank you for sharing 'em buddy. :)

1. Joey Negro presents The Sunburst Band - Fly Away (Joey Negro Club Mix)
2. The Sunburst Band - We Will Turn You On (Brian Tappert Re-dit)
3. Claude Monnet - Mafi Disco (Martin Solveig)
4. First Choice - The Player (Mousse T & Boris Dlugosch)
5. Hanna Hais - I Love America (DJ Meme Main Club Mix)
6. Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis (Kerri Chandler Bigga Mix)

7. Ministry Of Funk - Funky Nation (Original Mix)
8. SPiNTECH - Groove Titans (Extended Remix)
9. Alan Fitzpatrick & Tom Budden - Someone's Wrecked My Car (Stallos Remix)
10. Buki Cole & Free Radikal - Fall (Ron Trent Hi-Fi Dub Mix)
11. Faze Action - B Disco Warrior (Dub Mix)

Total Time: 1:16:46

Enjoy today's fresh DJ set from SPiNTECH my friends and please do show some appreciation by leaving us some comments (positive or negative, even violent reactions are most welcome) if you enjoyed a particular mixset, remix, mashup, or anything, as it is through your feedback that we get our inspiration and urge to deliver more great music mixes (free of charge).

Once more, welcome bro and hope to hearing more good stuff in the days to come!! Cheers!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Cool New Gear - KORG Kaoss Pad KP3

At last... I finally got hold of my new KORG KP3 Kaoss Pad last Monday. Even though it took a long time, it was worth the wait. It's an FX processor/sampler/MIDI controller all in one unit... now that's what I call value for your money. I was supposed to get the Pioneer EFX500, but after my intense research on each product along with careful and meticulous comparison, I've finally decided to get the KP3 instead as it has much more to offer than the latter.
Here are some pics of my new toy...

Updated Gear: BCD2000 + Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad...

Unlikely pair... Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad + iPOD Classic

The box...

Dynamic duo... working side by side...

Will be playing with it for a while and familiarize myself with its tons of features and hopefully incorporate it on my next mix sets, remixes and mash-ups... so stay tuned!!

Thank you to my kind, loving and pretty wifey for giving me an early birthday and Christmas gift to add to my music arsenal. Love you sweetie! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bleeding Human Love (The Beatmeister vs. Atomix Mash-Up Mix) - Human League vs. Leona Lewis

Let's start the week and month right with another one of my experimental creations, which I was luckily able to squeeze in last weekend. It's another blend of the past versus the present.

Have heard this great remix of "Human" (an ultimate classic from the 80s and my fave Human League song) back down at my friend, Neiltomo's site, Atomix Extended Cuts, which features his own superb mixes and mashups as well from the 80s, 90s and beyond, and I've decided to mix and mash it up with that current hit by Leona Lewis, "Bleeding Love." Here's the end result...

Bleeding Human Love (The Beatmeister vs. Atomix Mash-Up Mix) - Human League vs. Leona Lewis

Enjoy and please leave some comments if you liked it! Thanks. :)