Friday, April 25, 2008

An Absolutely Retro Experience - The Ultimate 80s Resurrection Mix

Here's another weekend retro treat from yours truly. It's been a while since I've last posted a set mix, so this time, some 80s contemporary music, mostly my favorite popular tunes from that decade. This special megamix is a must have for real 80s fanatics and retro diehards.

More tried and tested hits from Rick Astley, De Barge, Lionel Richie, Giant Steps, Miami Sound Machine, Madonna, Erol Brown, Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam, Janet Jackson, Climie Fisher, Michael McDonald and James Ingram.

1) Intro
2) Into You (Extended 12" Mix) - Giant Steps
3) Love Changes Everything (House Mix) - Climie Fisher
4) It Would Take A Strong, Strong Man (Matt's Jazzy Guitar Mix) - Rick Astley
5) All Night Long (Album Version) - Lionel Richie
6) Rhythm Of The Night (Hot Tracks Mix) - De Barge
7) Dr. Beat (12" Mix) - Miami Sound Machine

8) Holiday (Ultrasound Extended Mix) - Madonna
9) Sweet Freedom (Extended Mix) - Michael McDonald
10) Yah Mo Be There (Jellybean Remix) - James Ingram feat. Michael McDonald
11) Say It Isn't So (Special Extended Dance Mix) - Hall & Oates
12) Heartache (The Beatmeister's Short-Cut Remix) - Pepsi & Shirley
13) This Time (It's Forever) (12" Extended Mix) - Erol Brown - thanks to my buddies at PDDJs for this hard-to-find retro track; circa 89 DMZ and 89.9 Magic Mixes
14) Word Up! (Funky Mix) - Cameo
15) Batdance (Vicki Vale Mix) - Prince
16) Head To Toe (The Beatmeister's Remix) - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

17) Escapade (I Can Take No More Dub Mix) - Janet Jackson
18) Just A Touch Of Love (12" Extended Mix) - C&C Music Factory
19) The Best Things In Life Are Free (12" Extended Mix) - Luther Vandross feat. Janet Jackson

For the ultimate retro experience, step into my music time machine. PEACE! :)


Lazarillo Mochilero said...

AWESOME !!!!!!!

Your mixings keep the esence of the 80´s, so listening to them is a good journey to the best music.

Gracias !!!

Lazarillo, from Argentina.

the beatmeister said...

yo daniel,

thanks man! :)


Anonymous said...

Awooo! Nice!!
80s are back!


the beatmeister said...

thanks bro!

retro indeed is back!


djmoprod said...

remembering the good old days Great Job bro!!!

the beatmeister said...

ei moprod,

thanks bro! :)


DJAbe said...

Thank you.....

the beatmeister said...

You're welcome DJ Abe. Thanks for dropppin' by.