Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Totally Mixed Up Presents: It's Twisted, It's Funky, It's Electro - A DJ Mix by THE BEATMEISTER

After those two consecutive excellent slammin' mixes from my buddies, DJ Stevie and The Boy Wonder, am finally back with a new mix for y'all. Am also glad everyone enjoyed those funky house vibes from DJ Stevie and that rockin' blast-from-the-past mix from The Boy Wonder.

Now, it's my turn to tweak those knobs, flicker those faders and tap on those Kaoss Pads once more for this 60-minute set, which I've prepared especially for everyone always tuning in on what's next for this blog.

Today's set is a mixture of some electro, funky house and a little bit of big beat and pop tunes, carefully beat-mixed for an excellent dance trip.

Tracks range from KYLIE MINOGUE to KATY PERRY to THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS to THOMAS GOLD to DUFFY then to some DIGABLE PLANETS, ROBERT MILES, THE TING TINGS, and many more twisted and electrified, funky stuff.

Hope everyone enjoys today's set and serve as a primer for an excellent weekend party. Peace out!! :D

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Vault In The Mix Super Sampler - A DJ Mix By THE BOY WONDER

At last!! Am featuring The Vault's main man and my buddy, The Boy Wonder himself, taking control on the wheels of steel.

A hardcore and true blue vinyl collector since the 80s up to now, Benjie a.k.a. The Boy Wonder recently decided to invade the airwaves via Live 365 and voila!.. The Vault was born. With its soaring ratings since it started, The Vault definitely lives up to its claim of playing only The Best Obscure Music On The Net by not limiting its playlists to just obscure and the usual 80s New Wave stuff, 12-inchers and B-sides, but also some indiepop, britpop, IDM stuff and even some electronica every once in a while. Now that's what we call variety. Kudos to you bro!

This is the reason why am very proud to be a part of The Vault Team in delivering the best obscure, not-your-ordinary and out-of-this world mixes every Saturday night for everyone to rock on and party all night long.

Today's mix sampler is a teaser of what you would be hearing when you tune in to The Vault on Live 365 every Saturday nights at 8 PM (PST) and Sunday noon at 12-1 PM (Manila time).

Enjoy The Boy Wonder's excellent mix of some obscure, but mostly 80s New Wave faves from the likes of Tears for Fears, New Order, Level 42, and Icehouse to name a few.

Same old drill for the Totally Mixed Up Group. Again, just haller for the new visitors who wish to preview The Boy Wonder's mix.

Once more, many thanks for sharing buddy. The Vault definitely rules!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Start: Jan 17, '09 8:00 pm (PST); Jan 18, '09 12-1 pm (Manila time)
End: Jan 18, '09
Location: http://www.live365.com/stations/thevault85

Tune in for another night of non-stop music mixes from The Vault resident DJs

[From 80s Synthpop, darkwave to obscure new wave hits]

Mixes by:
The Boy Wonder (California, USA)
Dean Andrew (California, USA)
The Beatmeister (Manila, Philippines)
DJ William (Brazil)

Only from The Best Obscure Music/Mixes on The Net

THE VAULT on Live 365

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Totally Mixed Up Exclusive - My Kinda House 2 - A Mix By DJ STEVIE

Let's do a change of pace for the meantime and welcome back my good friend and house afficionado, DJ Stevie of POGIMIX.com, on the wheels of steel.

It really has been quite a while since I last featured him and some of his expertise in house music, so I feel that now is the right time to do so and hear some new stuff from our main man when it comes to some deep, funky and soulful 4x4 tunes. A very appropriate welcome to 2009 indeed.

Here's the tracklisting for today's set:
1. Chuck Love - Yellow Truth (Random Soul Acid Wash Remix)
2.Troydon - I'm With Ya (Joshua Heath's Play That Bass Mix)
3. Kirby & Damien Bailey - I Like It (Tommy Largo)
4. Vernon & Dacosta feat Apple Rochez - As Darkness Fall (Giom Mix)
5. Andrea Love - Faithful (Jamie Lewis Bar Dub)
6. Swirl People feat. Blance Nelge - You're A Star (Giom Mix)
7. Pint Size - Island Sunset (Da Sunlounge Mix)

8. Joshua Heath - Strategy
9. Gavin Boyce - So Obvious
10. Groundholder - Do It 4 Da Love (Tommy Largo Mix)
11. Jay West - Turn Ya On
12. Kinky Movement - Muesli
13. Tommy Largo - Some Funkyness
14. Giano - Rumba Papaya (Re-Edit)

To our regular visitors, same old drill. For the newcomers, just comment via chatbox or this post with your email if you're interested in hearing this superb mix from DJ Stevie.

Enjoy this exclusive mix and hear it only here on Totally Mixed Up. Once more, thanks and kudos to our house-meister, DJ Stevie, for sharing those excellent funky vibes!! :D

House music all night long...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Vault In The Mix Presents: NEW YEAR Special Edition Sampler-A Cool Alternative Mix Part 2 by THE BEATMEISTER - Original Broadcast January 3/4 2009

First and foremost, HAPPY 2009 to everyone!! Hope everyone had a safe, but bangin' New Year celebration last week. Here's to starting the year right with the best, coolest and most obscure music mixes on the net as presented by Totally Mixed Up and of course, The Vault On Live 365.

Hope some of you were able to catch the live mix broadcast yesterday and enjoyed the show c/o our main man, The Boy Wonder.

Anyways, today's mix sampler from yesterday's broadcast is a mishmash of some alternative, indie, electronic, big beat, pop tunes, all rolled into one outrageous filtered, flanged, phased and reverbed set.


Just hit me up with the same drill for the download link.

As always, please continue to support the blog and The Vault On Live 365 as we promise to deliver more suprises, more superb mixes, more excellent obscure and lost 80s tunes, and more old New Wave favorites.

Here's to a rockin' 2009!!! CHEERS!!