Tuesday, December 30, 2008

THE VAULT In The Mix - NEW YEAR Special Edition!!!

Start: Jan 3, '09 8:00 pm (PST) ; Jan 4, '09 12:00 pm (Manila Time)
End: Jan 4, '09
Location: www.live365.com/stations/thevault85

Exclusive New Wave Mixes by:


Brought to you by The Best Obscure Mixes/Music on The Net

Tune in and start 2009 with a BANG!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid (The Beatmeister Remix)

Here's a very special holiday treat for everyone... A remix by yours truly of this classic 1984 track written by Bob Geldof (of the famed Boomtown Rats) and Midge Ure (lead singer of Ultravox) specifically to raise money for the 1984 famine in Ethiopia. Incidentally, this tune has been a Christmas anthem to 80s New Wavers back in the day, as it has been a gathering of the best British artists and bands with Boy George, Bono, Simon Lebon, Spandau Ballet, Sting, Paul Weller, Bananarama, to name a few and collectively known as "Band Aid."

So in this season of giving and sharing, this is my way of expressing a big thanks to all the visitors of "Totally Mixed Up," and to all my friends in the blogging world. I just hope to still continue blogging until the next year and do what I love to do most, mixing great music.

You can also catch this exclusive remix being played at The Vault on Live 365 as my buddy, The Boy Wonder, has also included it in the station's unique playlist; the only place on net radio where you can definitely find the best in obscure and hard-to-find music, whether old or new.

In behalf of my co-DJs here at the blog and of course, The Vault, would like to great everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year ahead!! :D

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Vault In The Mix Presents: The Best Of THE BEATMEISTER - Another Synth/New Wave Mix - Original Broadcast December 13/14

Am baaaackk!!!! Finally, after that very long break (which I'm really glad I had), am once again back mixing, mashing, and remixing. It's really sad that DMCA is taking control over the blogosphere, but there's nothing we can do about it, so just a piece of advice, grab 'em till its there coz' you'll never know when they'd be hitting our posts on the chopping block... guess we all have to get used to their Nazi style of controlling our freedom of sharing what we all love.. Music that is.

And now at last, the long wait is over; here's a new mix, which was just featured last weekend at The Vault In The Mix featuring The Best of THE BEATMEISTER. Hope some of you were able to tune in. Really glad my man, The Boy Wonder, made it all possible... Thanks Benj!! :D This is another great treat for all New Wave/80s Obscure music lovers as I made this mix especially for our station, The Vault.


So starting today, hope you got the new drill (check out FUTURE POSTS), just hit me up by commenting on each new post or via the chatbox if you're interested in this latest mix and will just email you the link. Also, a little reason for your interest would be great. Hope everyone understands why I am changing the blog's protocol and also to encourage everyone to leave some comments and appreciation for all our hardwork in bringing you the best mixes and music. I guess its not that hard to type in those two letters on our comments/chatbox section to show the DJs some love and appreciation.

This time, I hope to be back for good!! hehe. :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

THE VAULT in the Mix with The Best Of THE BEATMEISTER

Start: Dec 13, '08 8:00p (PST); Dec 14, '08 12 pm (Manila time)
Location: http://www.live365.com/stations/thevault85

Tune in to 4 hours of non-stop new wave, alternative, mashups, exclusive mixes by The Beatmeister. Some of the old and new stuff to anything and everything, in between.

Celebrating The Beatmeister's Birthday!

Shout out and many thanks to The Boy Wonder and The Vault On Live 365 for making this possible. :D

See you there or be square!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Power 105 BM FM - The Power Switchers Reunion Party Broadcast @ The Vault On Live 365

Start: Dec 20, '08 8:00p
End: Dec 21, '08
Location: www.live365.com/stations/thevault85

This BIG event is coming back to the airwaves!
Party Broadcast @ The Vault on Live365
US Time: December 20th, Saturday @ 8 PM
Philippine Time: December 21st, Sunday @12 NOON

Featuring The Legendary BM105 Jocks:

and the official mobile of the power station BM10533 1/3 and R S L

Plus guest spinners: Dennis Lim, Erwin Yonzon,Marlon Dela Cruz and Jojo Germino


Sponsored by:
db Grille & Resto (QC, Philippines)
THE VAULT – The Best Obscure Music on The Net

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This Week @ The Vault In The Mix

Start: Nov 22, '08 8:00p (US): Nov 23, '08 12 NN (Manila)
End: Nov 23, '08 (US):

NON STOP Mixes by:

The Beatmeister [Manila, Philippines]
DJ William [Sao Paulo, Brazil]
DJ Caz 10 [Atlanta, USA]
DJ Santi [Orange County, USA

For the best in obscure music, 80s New Wave, Brit Pop, and beyond, tune in to The Vault On Live 365. :D

Thursday, November 6, 2008

RE: Previous Posts (esp. via z-share) and Future Posts

As you may have known already, it seems like there's no more chance for zshare to bring back all the old posts, so for some who are asking if there is any way I can reup the PREVIOUS MIXES I've done, I'm sorry to say, but I WON'T BE ABLE TO DO THAT as those mixes are large files and it would really eat up a lot of my time and that, I really don't have much especially these days.

As for our FUTURE POSTS and the blog itself, it would be status quo; however, I will be scrapping off the DOWNLOAD LINK and will just be providing it to those who are interested via email. So, I guess it would be easier this way by replying either via the comments or chat/message box and providing me your email add and your interest in the download link instead of going private.

BTW, in behalf of The Boy Wonder, we would also like to thank everyone who tuned in to The Vault's Anniversary show yesterday. Please continue to tune in to hear more of my mixes/remixes/mash-ups there (both released and unreleased) and also great stuff from the other Vault DJs.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Vault On Live 365 presents: "1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION"

Celebrating our birthday with a BANG!



Featuring The Vault DJs:




TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: (subject to change without notice)===========================================
*starting 8am [US Pacific Time]
8-12 = DJ William + DJ Handsome Devil + DJ Dragon
12-4 = The Boy Wonder + DJ Caz10 + DJ William
4-8 = Dean Andrew + Jun P. + DJ Danny
8-12 = The Beatmeister + Spintech + DJ Aaron


Only at The Best Obscure Music on The Net.. THE VAULT http://www.live365.com/stations/thevault85

My friends, please try to tune in and celebrate with us on this very special whole day event as this might be the last time you'd be hearing some of my previous mixes/remixes/mash-ups taken down from zshare or if you'd love to it hear it once again. Also, hear more of my unpublished and unreleased mixes to be played on this very special day ranging from obscure 80s New Wave acts to Modern rock artists.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Week @ The Vault In The Mix

Start: Oct 25, '08 8:00p
End: Oct 26, '08

Excellent 80s New Wave Mixes by The Vault DJs:

Jun Pontejos
DJ William
The Beatmeister
DJ Caz 10
Dean Andrew
The Boy Wonder
Saturday @8PM (US time):12 NN (Manila time)/ Replay Sunday @ 4PM (US time):7 AM (Manila time)

Again, my deepest gratitude to everyone for all the support you have given me, my co-DJs and the blog in general. I wholeheartedly appreciate it. :D Please continue to visit as I will be posting something in the next few days regarding some changes I would be making on how we would push through in sharing our love for the beats and the music to everyone without keeping it private.

For the meantime, please tune in today (with a replay tomorrow) for the best in New Wave mixes at The Vault at Live 365 if you want to catch my latest and unreleased 80s NEW WAVE MIX. Classic new wave tracks included from KAJA, THE TALKING HEADS, INXS, THOMPSON TWINS, THE BIBLE, OMD, MIDNIGHT OIL to name a few. Yummy isn't it?? (as quoted from my buddy, The Boy Wonder's words, hehehehe).

Keep COOL, spread the BEATS, and STAY ON!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Totally Mixed Up To Go Private??? - Your Suggestions Are Very Much Welcome

Hi everyone!! After what happened to all my posts with Zshare and the most recent one with 4Shared, I am thinking of going private and restricting our blog's access to invited readers only. I know it's kinda drastic move, but I think I have no other choice if this freedom of sharing your work with others without expecting anything in return (monetary that is) will continue to be suppressed by some individuals. It's a tough decision for me so I would appreciate any inputs from you guys on what we can do for the succeeding posts. Thanks in advance!

Monday, October 13, 2008

M.O.P. Mix #23 - A Progressive 80s House Mix by DJ MoProd

Somethin' new from another one of my buddies and co-residents here at Totally Mixed Up, my man, DJ MoProd behind the decks once more and in the mix.

After that long hiatus (I guess he's really been very busy with work and family life), well he's back to give us what he loves to do best; mixing some retro tunes.

He kicks off with a different version of my fave track from OMD and the theme from that cult 80s movie, "Pretty In Pink," followed by a bunch of tunes from 80s artists like Anything Box, PSB, and REM. Also included in the mix is an original creation from another one of my buddies, djDocT, remixing that Michael Franks hit. More dance tracks from EBTG and Cliff Richard follow, while ending the set with Mr. Lee's "Pump That Body."

1. If You Leave - OMD
2. Living In Oblivion - Anything Box
3. Losing My Religion - R.E.M. (Euromix)
4. Heartbeat - Pet Shop Boys
5. Lady Wants To Know - Michael Franks (djdoct ballroom mix)

6. I Just Don't Have The Heart - Cliff Richards
7. Missing - Everything But The Girl
8. Pump That Body - Mr. Lee

Link... A Progressive 80s House Mix - DJ MoProd (new link provided)
Excellent retro set my friend and thanks again for sharing great music with everyone. Cheers! :D

Friday, October 10, 2008

Do You Believe In A Gold Digger (The Beatmeister's Jazzy Hop Mash-Up Mix) - Kanye West vs. The Beatnuts

Here's another fresh mash comin' your way folks. Have tried a different flava for Kanye's 2005 hit "Gold Digger," minus the vocals from Jamie Foxx. It's a simple A+B mash-up utilizing another jazzy hip-hop instrumental from those extreme underground beat makers, The Beatnuts. Also added a little bit of synth FX in the beginning to incorporate some electronic sound.

Tracks used:

Do You Believe (instrumental) - The Beatnuts
Gold Digger (acapella) - Kanye West minus Jamie Foxx

Enjoy!! :D

Monday, October 6, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Beatmeister's 80s Slam Dance Mix Part Deux - Premiering On The Vault In The Mix

Here's the long overdue sequel to my first 80s New Wave - Slam Dance Mix posted around 5 months back, which was also incidentally featured by my good friend, Dr. Stirring Rhod, back at his extreme retro 80s blog. BTW, welcome back to blogosphere bro. hehehe.

For today's post, I'm going to try something different once again; the link provided for the mix would be leading you directly to "The Vault" radio station, as The Boy Wonder (many thanks again Benj!) would be premiering it on Saturday, October 5, starting at 8 PM (Pacific Standard Time) onwards (Sunday, October 6, around 12 noon Manila Time), so please stay tuned in on that day for the exclusive premiere of my unreleased mixset.

Just like the first installment, this mix is anything and everything 80s (except for two tracks, but still having that New Wave sound), purely rockin' and slammin' New Wave hits. Kicking off is my fave fave track from Xmal Deutschland followed by a Violent Femmes revival from Gnarls Barkley, then The Cure, She Wants Revenge, Devo, Ultravox, The Colourfield, The Primitives, The Go-Go's, Olivia Newton-John, Pat Benatar and David Bowie.

1) Matador (12" Extended Version) - Xmal Deutschland

2) Gone Daddy Gone - Gnarls Barkley
3) Boys Don't Cry (Robbie Steel Dance Mix) - The Cure
4) Tear You Apart - She Wants Revenge
5) Whip It (SPiNTECH Remix) - Devo - thanks to my man, Mick!!
6) All Stood Still (12" Extended Version) - Ultravox - thanks to my good friend, Bing for this track!!
7) My Wild Flame (The Beatmeister's Remix) - The Colourfield
8) Crash (Replec Remix) - The Primitives - excellent remix from my buddy, DJ Danny of The Vault... thanks man!!

9) Head Over Heels (Fusion Mix) - The Go-Go's
10) Twist Of Fate (12" Extended Version) - Olivia Newton-John
11) Love Is A Battlefield (12" Extended Version) - Pat Benatar
12) Modern Love (Dodi's Bootleg Crossover Remix) - David Bowie
Hear it first and exclusively on The Vault @ Live365!

Hope you guys can tune in and I guarantee that you'll enjoy this ultimate fast New Wave set once more if you loved my first Slam Dance Mix.

Will be providing a download link after the premiere next week. For now, The Beatmeister is definitely at The Vault and In The Mix!!! :D

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Kinda House - A Mix By DJ Stevie

Here's another funky four-to-the-floor set from our house music afficionado, my man, DJ Stevie. As he mentions, this is his post Miami WMC mix with the track selection, which are some of his current favorites.

Today's upload is another sample of DJ Stevie's mixing prowess and excellent track selection when it comes to house music. Another must-have for those purists especially with the likes of Sound Diggers, Tommy Largo, Inland Knights, Kinky Movement with Fred Everything & JT Donaldson all in one mix. Trust me, you'll definitely enjoy this one.

Alan Barratt - My Kinda Music (Sounddiggers Remix)
Pete Dafeet - Head Trauma (Inland Knights)
The Sounddiggers - Monkey Business
Smart Kid - Don’t You Know (Ricky Rae’s Nite Mix)
Jay West - Easy Comes
Lucas Keizer - Nacho Brass
Frank Solano - Blues Lines (Tommy Largo)
Goundholder - Sax Heat (Natasza & Oscar Six)
Lamanex - Church Songke
Mikkael - Stop By It (John Hawley Brewed in Milwaukee Rub)
Giano - WJSD (Fred Everything & JT Donaldson Remix)
Jason Merle - Move Yo Feet (Giano)
Virtual Funk - Keep Rollin (Marcus Skin Up Mix)
Johnny Fiasko - Last Word
Kinky Movement - Open Your Mind

Link... My Kinda House - A Mix By DJ Stevie (click to preview, right click and "save as" to download)

Thanks once again bro for sharing your excellent taste in music and those great vibes... Some jackin' house for ya'll!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Start: Sep 27, '08 4:00p
End: Sep 28, '08 12:00a
Location: http://www.live365.com/stations/thevault85

Tune in to THE VAULT on Live 365 for...bigger & better

non-stop 80s mixes
Top 40 - new wave - italo

Saturday, September 27 - 4pm to 12am (PST)

Featuring live mixes by:

Brought to you by: Eyeball Dub
and The Best Obscure Music on The Net...THE VAULT on Live365

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Groove Purveyor Sessions Volume 2 - A DJ Mix by SPiNTECH

After that very much awaited sequel, here's the second installment from my brother in music and co-resident DJ, SPiNTECH. Having that disco/electro theme from volume 1, Mick changes his style and dwells more on the funky, jazzy side of house for Volume 2, kicking it off with that cool Mike Dunn track. The set progresses with more chillout, but still danceable house tunes from Todd Terry, The Jinks, Boggie Pimps, Groove Junkies and even an original track from the man himself, SPiNTECH, titled "She's My Sugar Groove Delight," heard exclusively here on Totally Mixed Up. :D Big ups to you buddy!! That's superb Pinoy talent indeed for you guys.


Groove Purveyor Sessions (DJ Set Vol. 2)
Mixed by: SPiNTECH

1. Mike Dunn Presenting The MD X SPress - Here Is The House Music
2. Bootleg Bob - For Your Love (GJ Mix)
3. Kentphonik feat. Khensy - Hiya Kaya (Rocco Deep Mix)
4. Kimara Lovelace - When Can Our Love Begin (Richard Earnshaw Main Mix)
5. Jay West - Turn Ya On
6. SPiNTECH - She's My Sugar Groove Delight (Extended Remix)
7. Todd Terry - Get Down (Mousse T Shizznizz Dub Mix)
8. The Jinks - Believe Me [Jamie Lewis Disco Dub]
9. Boogie Pimps - Then Came You (Main Pimpin Club Mix)
10. Groove Junkies Feat. Solara - Pulled Me Through (Groove's JunkiesElevation Mix)
11. Glenn Lewis - Stay With Me (T's Vocal Mix)
12. Dawn Tallman - Everythang (Harness Thread Mix)

Total Time: 1:11:25

Now, my man, SPiNTECH is definitely in the house and proud to be plugged!! This one's for all you house freaks!!! PEACE OUT!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Classic 80s Pop Wave + Old School Hip Hop = Boom, She's Body Movin' (The Beatmeister's Mash-Up Mix) - Scritti Politti vs. The Beastie Boys

Here's another experimental mash from me, The Beatmeister. I've tried to mix in some old school rhymes from the legendary B-boys, The Beastie Boys, with that retro 80s tune from the post-punk British rock group, Scritti Politti, which developed into a more mainstream pop music project from the early to mid 80s, with their innovative use of techniques in early sampling and MIDI sequencing, as evidenced from their most succesful 1985 album, Cupid & Psyche 85.

Tracks used:

Body Movin' - The Beastie Boys (acapella)
Boom, There She Was - Scritti Politti (instrumental)

Enjoy!! :D

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Vault Megamix Special - Sept. 20/21

before the summer ends....join us for a night of NON-STOP NEW WAVE MEGAMIXES with a twist!

SEPTEMBER 21, 2008 - SUNDAY @ 12 NN (Manila Time)

featuring exclusive MEGAmixes by:

DJ DANNY - Petshop Boys Mega Mix + Gene Loves Jezebel Mega Mix
DEAN ANDREW - Simple Minds Mega Mix + A Flock Of Seagulls Mega Mix
DJ WILLIAM - Kraftwerk Mega Mix
THE BEATMEISTER - Depeche Mode Mega Mix + New Order Mega Mix
THE BOY WONDER - Tears For Fears Mega Mix + The Care/The Wild Swans Mega Mix
Start: Sep 20, '08 8:00 pm (PST)
End: Sep 21, '08 (PST)
Location: http://www.live365.com/stations/thevault85
The Vault Megamix Setlist: Start at 8PM (PST)
1. Tears For Fears
2. Simple Minds
3. Pet Shop Boys
4. New Order
5. Kraftwerk
6. Care / The Wild Swans
7. Depeche Mode
8. Gene Loves Jezebel
9. A Flock of Seagulls
*The information on this site is subject to change without notice
8 PM (U.S. Pacific Time) - Saturday
12 NOON (Manila/Philippines Time) - Sunday

See you there!! :D

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Beatmeister @ The Vault In The Mix (Sept. 13-14) - Non-Stop New Wave Mixes

Please tune in to The Vault on September 13-14, 2008, that's Saturday starting @ 8 PM (US Pacific Standard Time; around 11-12 noon Manila time) for 4 hours of non-stop 80s New Wave Mixes with a replay on Sunday starting @ 4 PM (US Pacific Standard Time).

featuring mixes by:
together with:
DJ CAZ 10 (Atlanta, USA)
THE BEATMEISTER (Manila, Philippines)

See you there. Cheers!! :D

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Jack Hustler – The Beatmeister’s 90s New Jack Swing Mix

Let’s go back to the 90s during the emergence of that genre called “New Jack Swing,” which could be described as pop music usually performed by black musicians that combines elements of jazz, funk, rap and rhythm & blues. Their music videos would also often have dance routines in them, which popularized that so-called “The Roger Rabbit.”

For today’s set, I’ve compiled the best tunes from that era mixed in with some of my faves, which were at the top of the charts during that time. These songs also remind me so much when I used to listen to 99.5 RT, a local radio station here in Manila, which featured most of these songs, and also had a live feed from the US of Rick Dees Weekly Top 40. Great memories indeed! That was the time when it was still nice to listen to commercial radio.

Expect tunes from Seal, PM Dawn, S.O.U.L. System, Mariah Carey, After 7, Hi-Five, Tony Toni Tone, Janet Jackson, Baby Face feat. Toni Braxton, Jade, Color Me Badd, MastaPlann, Ice T, Karyn White and a lot more.

1) Crazy – Seal
2) Paper Doll – PM Dawn
3) It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Movin’ The Crowd Club Mix) – The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M.
4) Tom’s Diner – D.N.A. feat. Suzanne Vega
5) Give You My Heart – Baby Face feat. Toni Braxton
6) Don’t Walk Away – Jade
7) Dreamlover (Club Joint Mix) – Mariah Carey
8) I Wanna Sex You Up (Funky Mix) – Color Me Badd
9) Can’t Stop – After 7
10) Hard To Get (Ultimix) – Hi-Five
11) New Jack Swing – Tony Toni Tone
12) The Way You Love Me – Karyn White
13) Alright – Janet Jackson feat. Heavy D
14) Mixed Up World – MastaPlann (OPM pride)
15) Poison (Funkymix) – Bell Biv Devoe
16) Rub You The Right Way (Original Extended Hype 12” Mix) – Johnny Gill
17) New Jack Hustler (from the original motion picture soundtrack “New Jack City”) – Ice T

Link… New Jack Hustler – The Beatmeister’s 90s New Jack Swing Mix

Enjoy another memorable journey back in time! PEACE OUT! :D

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Beatmeister @ The Vault In The Mix - Non-Stop New Wave Mixes

Please tune in to The Vault on September 6-7, 2008, that's Saturday starting @ 8 PM (US Pacific Standard Time; around 11-12 noon Manila time) for 4 hours of non-stop 80s New Wave Mixes with a replay on Sunday starting @ 4 PM (US Pacific Standard Time).

Featuring mixes by:


Together with:
DJ CAZ 10 (Atlanta, USA)
THE BEATMEISTER (Manila, Philippines)
ISECT (Q.C., Philippines)

See you there. Cheers!! :D

Sunday, August 31, 2008

That Kinda House - A Mix by DJ Stevie

It's September 1 today and in the Philippines, it's the start of the Yuletide season (hehe... I know, it's really quite early), but that's what we've gotten used to and let me be the first one to greet everyone an early Merry Christmas!

Also, another better way to start the month for music geeks (like me), than kicking off the Christmas season, is to welcome another new resident DJ/contributor in the house, Stevie Velasco a.k.a. DJ Stevie. It's really my pleasure to be able to include my buddy, DJ Stevie, in our ever growing roster of Pinoy DJs and contributors, as I remember that he was among the first ones to ever invite me back at his blog, featuring me as one of his resident DJs too and my mix of some Soulful Jazzy Chillout House, and I really appreciate it buddy. Thanks again! :D

Hailing from Hayward, California, his interest in DJ'ing started around the peak days of mobile DJs in the Daly City, California area where he would watch in awe as mobile DJ groups like Spintronix, LiveStyle (Qbert’s group) , Skyway Sounds, etc., would duke it out on 4 Turntables with quick mixes. Everyone he knew in high school either belonged or was affiliated with a group so he eventually decided to start his own mobile gigs as well.

During the late 90’s, he did residency stints for bay area promoters Via Manila, Club Manila (SF, LA and NYC), and Fusion spinning mostly commercial dance anthems.

A born-again like experience occurred to him when he stumbled upon Mark Farina spinning a 4-hour set at a local party and he describes that it was the first time he heard raw house that deep and was hooked ever since and never looked back. He also held a biweekly residency @ Glaskat as well as one nighters at 1015, DNA Lounge among others.

His favorite labels in house music include Amenti, Drop Music, Aroma, DAE, Tango, OM Records, NRK and Myna. There are too many artist/producers, he mentions, but among his faves are Inland Knights, Olivier Desmet, Giom, Da Sunlounge, Bryan Jones, Chuck Love and Fish Go Deep, Joshua Heath, JT Donaldson, Lance Desardi, White Lotus Society and The Littlemen. Currently, he and his group of friends host a monthly event called Retro Manila in the Bay Area.

With a fulltime job as dad and an Oracle Database Administrator, he does what he can to share his love for House music by doing one nighters, gigs, hosting mixes online, hanging out at record stores or forums.

He was able to play at the last WMC (Winter Music Conference) held in Miami alongside DJ Heather, Olivier Desmett and Fred Everything. Nice one bro! :)
He also hosts a bi-monthly online show every 2nd Saturday of the month (10 PM EST; 10 PM PST) with the same name, "That Kinda House," which I highly recommend for house freaks out there.

Today's excellent set is a proof of DJ Stevie's love for house music especially on the deep and funky side with artists like Kinky Movement, Tommy Largo, Greenskeepers, ECB & DJ Heather to name a few (DJ Stevie is a true blue househead indeed).

1) Neighbour - That Kinda House
2) Tommy Largo - Make Me High
3) Lawnchair Generals - When I Think
4) Formidable Force - Zip Jumper
5) Kinky Movement - Be Bop
6) Kinky Movement - Gotta Be Smart
7) Groove Federation - Hey Baby
8) ECB & Dj Heather - Picture of You
9) Kirby & Damien Bailey - I Like It
10) Random Factor - Without You
11) Edmund - True Love
12) Greenskeepers - NY Lady
13) Groove Federation - Can Read Ur Mind
14) Groove Federation - The Beat Goes Boom

15) Rob Brown & Leon Louder - The Throwdown
16) Johnny Fiasco - The Message

Link... That Kinda House - A Mix by DJ Stevie (click to preview; right click and "Save As" to download)

Now this is what I call deep and funky house music made especially for the purists. A bigups to you buddy and please do spread the vibe! Welcome DJ Stevie @ totallymixedup! Time to get FUNKY!!