Thursday, November 6, 2008

RE: Previous Posts (esp. via z-share) and Future Posts

As you may have known already, it seems like there's no more chance for zshare to bring back all the old posts, so for some who are asking if there is any way I can reup the PREVIOUS MIXES I've done, I'm sorry to say, but I WON'T BE ABLE TO DO THAT as those mixes are large files and it would really eat up a lot of my time and that, I really don't have much especially these days.

As for our FUTURE POSTS and the blog itself, it would be status quo; however, I will be scrapping off the DOWNLOAD LINK and will just be providing it to those who are interested via email. So, I guess it would be easier this way by replying either via the comments or chat/message box and providing me your email add and your interest in the download link instead of going private.

BTW, in behalf of The Boy Wonder, we would also like to thank everyone who tuned in to The Vault's Anniversary show yesterday. Please continue to tune in to hear more of my mixes/remixes/mash-ups there (both released and unreleased) and also great stuff from the other Vault DJs.


allan said...

i would be interested in the download link via email please , my email is , keep up the good work please , when does your show go out as i am from the uk and i was wondering the time difference , as i miss the show every time :(((

the beatmeister said...

hi allan,

thanks man!! appreciate it. you can just reply on the next posts comin' up using this comment box or the chat box, so I would know if you're interested in the mix.

also, you can check this out for the world times in your area... to know the exact time of the show. The Vault In The Mix usually broadcasts every Saturday 8:00 PM (PST/US time)/Sunday 12:00 NN (Manila time).


John said...

Hi Bro

It's a shame about z-share. I know some other bloggers had problems with them closing down or something too. I guess you can't expect much from a free service... Have you thought of others? mediafire and 4shared? I know those work great without limits like rapidshire does. There's also megaupload - all free.

Whatever is done, please hook me up on the list and keep spinning


the beatmeister said...

hi John,

thanks man! yup, will be trying those too. however, had a share of the problems with 4shared too, so let's see if I would still be using that..

anyways, just reply per post with just a little note and your email (if I still don't have it), so I would know if you are interested in the mix. this is also to encourage everyone to just post a little something like a litte "thanks to the DJ," re: the post and the mix and give him a little credit and feedback. i think it's fair enough for both the readers and the DJ of TOTALLY MIXED UP.

cheers!!! SPREAD THE BEATS!!

DrStirringRhod said...

BEAT, Here I go again!! :-)
I guess Blogger has "TOTALLY MESSED UP" your "TOTALLY MIXED UP" blog. :-) Ayuz ba? The analysis is "The Dr. Stirring Rhod's" Way. He He He!!


Anonymous said...

I think this email scheme you want to put in place may reduce your site traffic......unless that's the overall effect you're going for. Sayang, popular pa naman.

Anonymous said...


Look forward to hearing more


the official "unofficial" pinoy ;)

Lazarillo Mochilero said...

I have a big collection of your UNIQUE megamixes and don´t want to lose the next ones because i ENJOY them, so PLEASE never give up !

Music is life.

the beatmeister said...

ei John and Daniel,

thanks much for the very positive comments!! really appreciate it bros. :D no worries, will be back, just taking a long deserved break, but will be back with a bang!! :D

cheers guys!! SPREAD THE BEATS.

Jason said...

I would very much like to get some mixes emailed to me as well. I really wanted to hear the Beatmeister's 80s Movie Soundtrack mix. If that's possible.

Thanks in advance, an keep doin what you doin.


Marcel K said...

I always enjoy your mixes and I hope you'd be so kind to send me links to your mixes. I'm crazy about 80's mixes, so enough reason right? :-)

Thanks in advance!

Marcel from the Netherlands