Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Totally Mixed Up Presents: It's Twisted, It's Funky, It's Electro - A DJ Mix by THE BEATMEISTER

After those two consecutive excellent slammin' mixes from my buddies, DJ Stevie and The Boy Wonder, am finally back with a new mix for y'all. Am also glad everyone enjoyed those funky house vibes from DJ Stevie and that rockin' blast-from-the-past mix from The Boy Wonder.

Now, it's my turn to tweak those knobs, flicker those faders and tap on those Kaoss Pads once more for this 60-minute set, which I've prepared especially for everyone always tuning in on what's next for this blog.

Today's set is a mixture of some electro, funky house and a little bit of big beat and pop tunes, carefully beat-mixed for an excellent dance trip.

Tracks range from KYLIE MINOGUE to KATY PERRY to THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS to THOMAS GOLD to DUFFY then to some DIGABLE PLANETS, ROBERT MILES, THE TING TINGS, and many more twisted and electrified, funky stuff.

Hope everyone enjoys today's set and serve as a primer for an excellent weekend party. Peace out!! :D


AMGC63 said...

How do I download this mix set?

Anonymous said...

thank you very much Alex
great work!

the beatmeister said...

hi AMGC63,

thanks for the interest. just hit me up with your email add so I could include you in our email blast for the links.

the beatmeister

the beatmeister said...

ei victor!

thanks for the compli! appreciate it mate. :)


McDoC said...

The Beatmeister's Mixes are best heard by cranking up the volume to the MAX!!!

Keep 'em coming bro!!!


the beatmeister said...

hi bing,

ayos!! you da man. :D

maraming salamat!!

finte multe ausiliari del traffico said...

Thank you for the efforts I'm used to listen to your mixes but for sometime I'don't understand how to download them... Can you please add me to your list? Thank you very much and keep up the good work....

the beatmeister said...

@ finte multe...

ei bro!! thanks for your interest in the mixes... no prob, just hit me up with your email add so I can include you in our email blast.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Beat, baka pwedeng humingi ng link? eto nga pala email ko janbeevibal@yahoo.com, taga UK ako sa Canterbury, pati na rin nung mga ibang link mo this year kung pwede...? thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Hi! Beat baka pwedeng bigyan mo ko ng link nitong mix mo, pati na rin yung mga iba this year? ito nga pala email ko janbeevibal@yahoo.com, taga Canterbury, UK ako, dyan sa atin Makati (Barangay Olympia) thanks very much

the beatmeister said...

ei janbee,

musta na jan bro? glad to hear from another fellow Pinoy. anyways, just sent you the links for the mixes. enjoy!! sinama na kita on the next blasts..


Stevie said...

Good job on the mix Alex!

the beatmeister said...

ei stevie bro,

thanks much for the compli. appreciate it. :D


ulbert said...

hey beatmaster! Bro I really love your mixes especially the 80s mix. I use to download em, what's your email so you can add me to your download list? More power to you!!

the beatmeister said...

ei ulbert,

thanks much! please email me at beatmeister22 at gmail dot com, so I can add you to our mailing list.