Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Vault In The Mix Back-to-Back: The Time Is Right - A Cool New Wave Mix Volume 2 - A DJ Mix By THE BEATMEISTER

Am backtracking to this previous set, which was also played at our weekly Vault In The Mix program since this should have been posted before my "Bring On The Dancing Horses - A Cool New Wave Mix Part 3" last week.

Anyways, more New Wave goodies for everyone, so grab 'em while you can.

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1) Time Is Right - Fiction Factory

2) Heaven (Must Be There) (12" Extended) - Eurogliders
3) Sanctify Yourself - Simple Minds
4) My Boyish Days (The Boy Wonder Remix) - The Care - The Vault Exclusive
5) The Pan Within - The Waterboys
6) New Moon On Monday (12" Extended) - Duran Duran
7) In A Big Country - Big Country
8) Two Rivers - The Adventures
9) The Reflex - Duran Duran

To Download:
*Click on ONE of the pics for the DL LINK.
*Click PLAY for a sample of the MIX.


McDoC said...

I love the tracklist of this set!!! Can't download this at this time though. Will be coming back for this for sure. THANKS BEAT!!! More power to you and The Vault! :)

the beatmeister said...

many thanks as always bing!!

enjoy lang bro!! :D


Anonymous said...

Thank you Beat. Love the mix. Excellent mixing. The only thing though is that Vault radio ID or AD that seems to come on the beginning of every song. Kinda gets annoying and messes up the song and your mix. It's okay to have it in the beginning, middle and end of a set but not on every song. Thats the reason I got turned off The Vault. But anyway beggars can't be choosey. Keep up the excellent work. Thank You.

the beatmeister said...

hi mate,

appreciate the feedback greatly and will be noting it. also, thanks much for the compli. :)

please do continue to drop by.

the beatmeister