Monday, August 24, 2009

A Totally Mixed Up Exclusive - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life - The Disco-Diamond Mix - A DJ Mix By THE BOY WONDER

Here's somethin' to perk up and start your week right... more FRESH RETRO DISCO goodies.

A special mix compiled, mastered and created by no less than The Vault main man, The Boy Wonder, back on the (digital) wheels of steel and mixing exclusively for Totally Mixed Up.

I'm really quite excited and proud to share a different kind of mix from him, as his usual forte is 80s New Wave and obscure tunes, but this time, he's experimenting on some 80s disco/pop stuff and also in digital mode. ( i guess he was somewhat bitten by the digital bug like most of us, hehehe) and as expected... voila! still an incredible set that he delightfully shared to all Totally Mixed Up followers and visitors alike.

This just proves once more that precise mixing, definitely, is The Boy Wonder's second nature no matter what equipment he uses and take my word for it...
your iPOD or car audio will love you for playing it. Another must-have for 80s disco/pop lovers with the playlist ranging from Janet Jackson, Snap, and Jody Watley to name a few.
So grab 'em while it's FRESH and HOT!!

Click on PLAY for the mix sample or The Boy Wonder's PIC to DL for your iPOD.

Your comments are most welcome if you enjoyed today's superset!! Now it's time to show some love for your DJs.


Stevie said...

This brings back great memories .. thanks for putting the mix together. Ejoyed it!


the beatmeister said...

thanks stevie! glad you enjoyed it. :) will be relaying it to the boy wonder.

cheers bro!