Monday, November 30, 2009

Totally Mixed Up Exclusive - Don't Disturb This Groove - The Definitive Date Mixtape - A DJ Mix By THE BEATMEISTER

After a long, very relaxing, enjoyable and quality weekend spent with my wife and family, it's time to change gears once more and slow things down a bit. This mix accompanied us when he had our usual weekly dinner date last Friday night and wifey definitely enjoyed every minute of it. She even was the one who coined the title for this week's mix as it really fit our night out very well.

Am sharing this "unique mix" once again and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as me and my wifey did. It's a collection of what I typically would play in my car when I was still trying to impress her and up to now, still worked its magic.

1) Sailing (The Beatmeister Remix) - Christopher Cross
2) Roni - Bobby Brown
3) Tattooed On My Mind - D'Sound
4) Don't Disturb This Groove (12" Extended) - The System
5) That Girl Is Gone - David Pack
6) Is It You - Lee Ritenour
7) The Key To You - David Benoit feat. David Pack
8) Stay Awake - Ronnie Laws

Click on PLAY via Soundcloud for the mix preview or click on the album cover for the DL LINK.

The Beatmeister Classic R&B Pop Jazz Mixtape by beatmeister


Dj William said...

nice playlist, downloading now, thanks man!

doc said...

musta na?!halos paborito ko tong nasa tracklist mo beat ah. very nice feel dun sa sailing! :)

the beatmeister said...

ei dj william,

thanks for droppin' by and enjoying the mix. :)

have a PM for you via multiply. please do check it out.


the beatmeister said...

hey doc,

long time no talk/chat. :) musta na din? currently listening to your new mash-up mix. so far, so good first half. galing!

hehe, napahinga over the weekend coz of Thanksgiving break sa work, so thought of putting up a relaxing mix. glad you enjoyed it. thanks much bro! :)