Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Totally Mixed Up Exclusive: The Breakdance Party - An Electro Funk & Breakdance Mixtape Compilation Volume 3 - A DJ Mix By THE BEATMEISTER

Been quite a while since my last mix of this genre, so here's a little bit more; one more time. A Christmas treat to all Totally Mixed Up visitors. Happy Holidays!

1) Fate - Chaka Khan
2) Joy & Pain - Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
3) Whitelines - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
4) Breakdance Party - Break Machine
5) Body Work - Hot Streak
6) Electric Boogaloo - Ollie and Jerry
7) It Doesn't Really Matter - Zapp
8) Doo Wah Ditty - Zapp
9) Flamethrower Rap - Felix & Jarvis
10) Numbers - Kraftwerk
11) B Boys Breakdance - High Fidelity
12) When ICU - Ollie & Jerry
13) Cross My Broken Heart - The Jets
14) Stylin Profilin' - Firefox
15) Cool It Now - New Edition
Click on PLAY via Soundcloud for the mix preview or click on the album cover for the DL LINK.


project1090 said...

Ahhhhh-yeahhhhhh, love the electro-funk mixes! Keep rockin' those wheels of steel!

the beatmeister said...

thanks bud!!

happy holidays bro!! :D

Anonymous said...

great mix Bet,,,,!!!

SoulSonic TV said...

wow! brings back our days in quad and greenhills..download ko to for my strutter friendz!!thanks man


the beatmeister said...

thanks dukao!

the beatmeister said...


thanks bro! glad you enjoyed it!