Friday, February 26, 2010

A Totally Mixed Up Exclusive - Girls Just Wanna Have Some Mixes - That 80s Mixes Part VI - A DJ Mix By THE BOY WONDER

We are back once again after another long hiatus and here's somethin' special and exclusive to kick off year 2010 from no less than The Vault main man himself, The Boy Wonder, bringing up those retro beats all in the mix.

A definite weekend treat for all you stuck in that colorful decade called "THE 80s."

Expect tunes from Culture Club, Robin Gibb, Cindy Lauper, Depeche Mode and the list goes on. Sit back, relax or better yet, put on those dancing shoes and move and groove to the beat of that 80s vibe!!

Now this is what we call, Totally 80s Mixed Up!! Big props to The Boy Wonder for this awesome set!! Thanks man!

That 80s Mixes Part VI by The Boy Wonder


Stevie said...

Enjoyed the mix. Thanks for putting this together. I luv it!

The Boy Wonder said...

Great post Alex....Let's VAULT IN!

Thanks for the compli Stevie.


DrStirringRhod said...

Nice Mix Benjie!! Nice to see you back in Blogger BEAT!!