Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Virtual Electronic House Mix - Some Deep Electronic House With A Tinge Of Electro

Have really been very busy these past couple of weeks, which is why I haven't posted some new stuff. Am also trying out a new program for mixing, which I know, most of the DJs out there are very familiar with, the Virtual DJ. I've created today's mix using this new program and tried out its features. Sound quality and effects-wise, it's far much better and more professional than the one that I had been using for my previous mixes. Just have to tweak it a little bit more to match my MIDI controller and my PC.

Enjoy today's upload and hope you'd notice the difference with plenty of effects utilization incorporated in the set to make it more interesting.

1) Gridlock (Stereo Club Mix) - John Digweed
2) Arguru (Original Mix) - Deadmau5 - love this guy's works!
3) Freeze (Vision X Club Mix) - Angel Soul

4) Our House (AppleJaxx Mix) - Madness vs. Peter Presta
5) Psycho Killer (Lexicon Avenue Remix) - Talking Heads
6) Not Exactly Voices (Dumb Dan Edit) - Deadmau5 vs. The Police
7) Jaded (Original Mix) - Deadmau5
8) Everybody Hurts (Peter Gelerblom Remix) - DJ Sammy feat. Nyah - nice REM remake!
9) Busy Child (Paul Oakenfold Remix) - The Crystal Method
10) Cruel (Chris Montana Remix) - Rebus

11) Here Comes The Rain Again (Freemasons Vocal Mix) - The Eurythmics
12) Stranger (Smax And Gold Dub) - Wawa vs. Smax Gold feat. Hillary

A special shoutout also to my buddies skin and DJ Chronic for the tracks I've used. :)


Anonymous said...

Great set mix! (for a software program) LOL
just kidding...you know how us old skoolers are.... if it aint got a needle on the vinyl....LOL
you get the point.... nice mix man...............

the beatmeister said...

Thanks bro! :)

Used to spin vinyl also, but because of space constraints, had to shift to digital. :D