Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Let's Go Deeper - Another Mix of Deep, Funky House

More superb underground house tunes for y'all, mostly dub/instrumental tracks with a funky flava. Special thanks to my buddy, DJ Chronic, once more for most of the tracks I've used in making this mix compilation possible. Expect more from my faves in the house scene like Mark Farina, Kinky Movement, Jason Hodges, Inland Knights, JT Donaldson, Tim Deluxe and Ian Carey.

Now for today's tracklist:

1) Dream Machine - Mark Farina (JT Donaldson Mix)

2) Closer - Kinky Movement
3) Voyage - Kinky Movement
4) Sweat Of Your Brow - Jully Black (Jason Hodges Mix)
5) Radio Tonic - Neil Bainbridge (Tommy Largo Remix)
6) Be Bop - Kinky Movement
7) So Hard To Find - Evan Rhodes - nice sampling of Bell Biv Devoe
8) Car Garage - Bobby Valentine
9) High On Emotion - Thomas Falke (Ian Carey Remix)

10) I Don't Care - A&R (Andy Daniell Myoozikk Remix)
11) Lost And Found - Terry Lee Brown Junior (Steve Bug Lost It Mix)
12) Lo Key - Inland Knights
13) Its Gonna Happen - Maxine Hardcastle (Wesley Clarke Remix)
14) A Brighter Life - White Collar Criminals

15) It Just Won't Do - Tim Deluxe feat. Sam Obernik

You can also check out my first installment, "This Is My House - Deep and Progressive," if you enjoyed this one. Ciao!


Stevie said...

Now thats what I'm talking about deep funky house baby!!! =)

mpTUBO.blogspot.com said...

Tim Deluxe is so good. Congratulations for set mix. Cool!

the beatmeister said...

hey stevie,

thanks for dropping by man! glad you liked it. am still working on a higher bitrate for the mixes. :)


the beatmeister said...

Hi Fernando,

Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it!

Cheers! :)

Byrner said...

does anybody know were i can get the instumental versions of the latest funky house tunes, i've tried to remove the vocals meself but i loose sound quality,try'n to put my own twist on things with new vocals etc