Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Revival of The 80s - The Killers MegaMix

Here's a quick and short mix, which I did a couple of days back. Just to pay homage to my favorite band at the moment, The Killers, I tried to compile and mix 5 of my favorite tracks from them.

Their sound, which is irresistibly tuneful with tracks rooted in the hooky aesthetic of Eighties icons like The Cure, Duran Duran and Depeche Mode, yet crackling with the bitchy urgency of 21st Century paranoia. Brandon Flowers (keyboardist/lead singer) weaves deft synth countermelodies around vocal lines along with dandyish melodrama.

As quoted from Flowers, "I would rather not be known as an Eighties revivalist," but those are undeniably some of my main influences, especially keyboard stuff like Depeche Mode, Yaz, Erasure and OMD. There are a lot of string pads on our music. That's the Pet Shop Boys in me. I love every one of their songs."

Now for the tracklist:
1) When You Were Young (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)

2) Somebody Told Me (Mylo Club Mix)
3) Mr. Brightside (DJ Strobe New Romantic Club Mix) - my ultimate fave Killers tune
4) Read My Mind (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix)
5) All These Things That I've Done (2007 Supercalifragilistic Remix)

As requested, here's an alternate link via MediaFire... The Killers Megamix - The Beatmeister

Now this is what I call, "The Revenge of The Synth!"


PhotoGirl said...

Any chance of checking out your Killers mega mix via Mediafire?

And maybe that Mr. Brightside remix you mentioned as your fave?

Znet blocked :(

Happy Holidays!

the beatmeister said...

Hi photogirl,

Merry Xmas!!! Thanks for droppin' by. :) ok, will try to reupload via Mediafire.

the beatmeister said...


Have uploaded the mix already via Mediafire. If you could please send me your email, for the Mr. Brightside remix, would appreciate it.

PhotoGirl said...

Thanks for the new link! I don't see a way to send my email addy privately so I think we'll have to skip that part and I can appreciate you not wanting to post that link.

the beatmeister said...

hi again.

no prob. :) if you want, you can email me via then I'll reply back with the link for the song.


John said...

i agree with u mr brightside is def their best song but overall love all their stuff..btw great mix lol

the beatmeister said...

hi John,

thanks man! mr. brightside is definitely the best. :D

Merry Xmas!!

Mr.Brown said...

Very very nice mix - now what can you do with Interpol?