Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Beatmeister, Live and In The Mix - Somethin' Funky, Somethin' Retro

Had a blast last weekend. After 20 years, at last, I was able to play live again. I remember my first time mixing at a gig back in the 80s and man, I was really quite nervous then. Last Saturday, I had that same feeling once more when my nerves got the best of me, but as soon as I got the hang of it, I was mixin' my heart out like hell and pumping those beats hard. I really had a great time that night along with my old friends, whom I haven't seen for quite a while.

Would like to give a shoutout to my buddy, Chinaman (of 89DMZ fame), for giving me the chance to spin again, live that is. If you're in Manila, you might want to check out his place called "Astica" if you want a cool ambience and into the latest house grooves.

Here are some pics taken by my wifey dear...

My best buddy checkin' it out, in the background...

As a sort of treat to everyone, am uploading a mixset similar to what I've played that night with a theme of "Somethin' Funky and Somethin' Retro" sort of house. No tracklist this time, but expect tunes from the Doobie Brothers vs. Korin Ladke, Kaskade, Bell Biv Devoe vs. Evan Rhodes, Natural Rhythm, The Sound Diggers, Young MC vs Maverick Renegade to name a few.

Link here... Somethin' Funky and Somethin' Retro - The Beatmeister

Special thanks also to my blogger friends, DJ Chronic and Moley of Underground House Music, for the superb funky tunes, which I've included in my set.

Here's to more live DJ'ing and mixing in the future!!!


moley said...

This is a very nice mix, i recognise all the tunes and they flow really well!

moley said...

This is a very nice mix, i recognise all the tunes and they flow really well! Great work

the beatmeister said...

Hi moley,

Glad you liked it! Thanks much for the nice comments. Appreciate it bro.

Cheers! :)

mixipod said...

Oh, I should be there to see that live show!
You're so great!!!!! ;o)



the beatmeister said...

Hi Mixi,

Thanks much! Yup, hope you were there as my friends and I had a blast. :)