Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Break It Down - More Bad Ass Beats

Let's admit it, hearing the same thing over and over sometimes makes us feel bored and tired. No offense to the househeads out there (am a househead myself), but it's nice to hear something different once in a while to refresh our minds and give us new ideas.

So to break the four-to-the-floor monotony for the meantime, am going back once more to my other favorite genre, which is drum n' bass. Even though it's one of the most difficult genre to mix (IMO), I really love to challenge myself once in a while and take the more difficult path, as it's nice to learn from our mistakes and is also the best way to improve our craft, DJ'ing that is.

For today's mix, expect minimal to hardcore beats from Krust, Eternity, DJ Sage, Fatboy Slim, Roughcut, Touch And Go, Illkillaz, and more.

1) Joy & Pain (Cartel Meltdown Mix) - Eternity
2) Spoils Of War - Krust
3) Groove Tube - Illkillaz
4) Agent Orange - DJ Sage
5) One Blood - Roughcut
6) Made You Look (SKC Remix) - Nas
7) The Rockafella Skank (Mulders Urban Takeover Mix) - Fatboy Slim
8) Rapture - DJ Sage & Elektra
9) Would You Go To The High Plains (The Beatmeister's Krust & Go Mash-Up Mix) - Krust vs. Touch & Go
10) Would You... - Touch & Go
11) Why Must It Be So Tainted - Bachelors Of Science
12) PNG - FSOL (Future Sound Of London)
13) Bass In Your Face (Breakbeat Science Remix) - Camp Lo-Black Nostaljack
14) Dilemma (Drum & Bass Mix) - Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland

Link... BadAssBeatsMix - The Beatmeister

So whatchu' waiting for, try somethin' different, relax and free your mind.

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