Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Tribute to The Original Beat Masters and Sampling Gurus - The Art Of Noise Mega Mix

Before there was "The Chemical Brothers", there was "The Art Of Noise". I remember back in the 80s when I first heard "Peter Gunn Theme" from WXB102 (check out my tribute mix to this superb new wave station) and this tune eventually got me hooked up with this band (if you can call it a band).

As quoted from their biography, The Art Of Noise was never a band and they never were. They could be described as an organization, a distinctly non-rockist creative, post-modernist collective. Starting out as a mysterious Trevor Horn led experimental studio outfit, the primary contributors to this so-called "adventure in experimental dub" were Royal College of Music graduate, Anne Dudley; producer/arranger J. J. Jeczalik and songwriter, instrumentalist and engineer/producer Gary Langan.

The Art Of Noise was best known for great instrumental tracks and were one of the first to use computers and electronic samplers in pop music. Among my favorites are "Legs," "Moments In Love," and "Beatbox," which was also included in the soundtrack of the 80s cult movie, "Breakin'" (which BTW, is a great track for breakin' and poppin').

They also had collaborations with the likes of Duanne Eddy ('Peter Gunn'; 1986), fictional TV presenter Max Headroom ('Paranoimia'; also from 1986); and Tom Jones (a cover of Prince's hit, 'Kiss', 1988).

Perhaps, The Art Of Noise, could be considered as "Hall Of Famers" when it comes to beat making, noise sampling and tape splicing, mixing hip-hop beats with studio trickery. Enough said, this is my personal tribute to this great collaboration of music geniuses from the 80s.

1) Peter Gunn Theme (Beatmeister's Art Of Twang Remix)
2) Kiss featuring Tom Jones (Battery Mix) - many thanks to my buddy, djDoc, for this superb vinyl rip
3) Legs (12" Extended Version)
4) Beat Box (12" Extended Version)
5) Paranoimia featuring Max Headroom (1989 Ben Liebrand Dance Mix)

6) Back To Peter Gunn (Original 12" Extended Mix)

Link... The Art Of Noise Mega Mix - The Beatmeister

Now who needs Ableton Live or Fruits Loops when you can have the raw, analog beats and samples from The Art Of Noise. :)


DJ Hire Melbourne said...

Yo! This is some great stuff. If you ever come down to Australia, please get in touch.

the beatmeister said...

Hi DJ Hire,

Thanks for droppin' by! Nice site you have back there too. BTW, are you hiring DJs from other countries? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Beatmeister, Your mixes are great but I wanted to correct you on what you wrote about Art Of Noise. They were not on the breakin soundtrack.
I just wanted to let you know. Keep up the great work.

the beatmeister said...

Hi bro,

Thanks for droppin' by. :)

Appreciate the inputs. :) Yup agree, it was not included in the official soundtrack (as I still have my vinyl of its incredible soundtrack), but "Beatbox" was being played by the DJ before mixing in Ice T beats for "Reckless," used for their battle and thus was played in the movie itself. Here's the actual clip from the movie...