Monday, February 2, 2009

The Vault In The Mix Presents: The Best Of The Thompson Twins - A Mega Mix By THE BEATMEISTER

Here's another one of my fave New Wave bands from the 80s. A British Pop group formed in April of 1977, they achieved considerable popularity in the mid-80s scoring hits in both the UK and US.

Named after the two bumbling detectives Thompson and Thompson in Herge's comic strip, The Adventures of Tintin, the band's lineup consisted of Tom Bailey (bass and vocals), Alannah Curie (xylophone, percussion, vocals) and Joe Leeway (congas, percussion).

"They broke into the UK Singles Chart and the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart at the beginning of 1983 with "Lies" and "Love On Your Side", which became the band's first UK Top 10 single. Further singles from their third album Quick Step and Side Kick (called simply Side Kicks in the U.S.) followed with "We Are Detective" (another Top 10 UK hit) and "Watching". Bailey's flame-red hair and bright ponytail and Currie's wasp-swatting style at the xylophone swiftly became endearing images of an exciting new act. Bailey primarily wrote the music (with significant enough input from Leeway that he received co-authorship credit on all tracks), and Currie contributed most (if not all) of the lyrics. Leeway was primarily responsible for the band's live visuals. During 1983, the band had the opening spot on The Police concert tour in the U.S.
At the end of 1983, a new single, "Hold Me Now", was released. The song was an international chart success, peaking at #3 in the US in the spring of 1984, becoming their biggest American hit, and also hitting #4 in their native UK where it became the band's biggest seller earning a Gold disc[3].

Further hit singles followed in 1984: the Top 5 UK pop hit "Doctor! Doctor!"; the quirky "You Take Me Up" (reaching number two, their highest UK chart placing, and earning a Silver disc[4]); the haunting "Sister of Mercy"; and "The Gap", with its Middle Eastern rhythms (though this was not released in the UK). The corresponding album, Into The Gap, was one of the biggest selling of 1984, selling five million units worldwide and topping the British album charts. The band also embarked on a world tour in support of the album.

A late 1984 single, "Lay Your Hands On Me", saw the band attempt to build on their success, but the visuals of the band draped in jewels contrasted sharply with the prevalent theme of Band Aid for famine relief in Ethiopia. The single did well, making the US Top 10 (and #13 in the UK), but by then the trio had peaked." (quoted from wikipedia)

This is my best effort in compiling their best and greatest hits and the not-so-popular ones, all in one single Mega Mix, which was also featured in our weekly program, The Vault In The Mix, every Saturdays (US) and Sundays (Manila). Again, thanks much to my buddy, The Boy Wonder, for a copy of the mix from the show. :D

Enjoy another awesome blast-from-the-past journey in music!!! Here's To Future Days!!


DrStirringRhod said...


Doctor, Doctor Stirring Rhod, can't you see I'm burning burning;

Oh Doctor, Doctor Stirring Rhod, Is this love I'm feeling? :-)


the beatmeister said...

hehehe. thanks docstir!!

ayos ba? buti nagustuhan mo. "Hold me Now" pa din greatest Thompson Twins track for me. hehehe.


Foglietta said...

Hi Beatmeister,

I´m a mix fan from good old germany...and love your masterpieces soooooo much!!!

Where can I get these Thompson Twins burner???

Thanks in advance & Cheers


the beatmeister said...

ei foglietta,

thanks much for the kind words! appreciate it. just forward me your email or email me, so that I can include you in our blast.


Anonymous said...

Hi Beat.. thanks for the last links that youve given me... can i have this one as well?

mabuhay ang 80's... salamat uli

the beatmeister said...


pacheck na lang sa email please kasi I forwarded this na din to you. if not, pakiinform mo na lang ako ulit.


project1090 said...

I'm a huge fan of the beatmeister's mixes and just can't seem to get enough. Please add me to your email list: 44right at "geemail" dot com. Thanks!!!

the beatmeister said...


thanks much for the compli. :D appreciate it bro! glad you're enjoying the mixes. will be adding you to our blasts.