Monday, May 18, 2009

A Twisted Blue Monday - Another Twisted Electro Journey Into House - A DJ Mix By THE BEATMEISTER

Let's change genres once more and put on some 4x4 beats this time. Today's set is a smorgasbord of genres of music from New Wave to Alternative, from Rock to Bhangra, from Industrial to Techno, to 80s-style Prince & The Revolution beats, all infused in one continuous twisted, electro style mix.

Imagine creating a playlist of random tunes on your i-Pod and shuffling them, not expecting what track comes after or who sings next. A Depeche Mode tune going up against that catchy movie theme from another incredibly creative Danny Boyle (of Trainspotting, The Beach and 28 Days Later fame) film, Slumdog Millionaire.????. hmmmm.... sounds interesting isn't it???.... hehehe.

Those of you, house junkies out there, might love my different take on electro house music as I've tried to compile, and carefully mix and mash those awesome remixes with these variety of tunes. Thanks to my blogger buddy Adam, from Outrageous House Music for some of the tracks I've used in the mix.


1) Blue Monday (Original Mix) - Kurd Maverick
2) In Sympathy - Depeche Mode
3) Jai Ho (Wez Clarke Remix) - Slumdog Billionaires
4) Times Like These (Albin Myers Club Mix) - Foo Fighters
5) Lethal Industry (Josh Dupont Remix) - Tiesto

6) The People (Sebastian Leger Remix) - Marilyn Manson
7) Waterfall (Remix) - The Stone Roses
8) Controversy (Stupid Fresh Remix) - Prince

To Download:
*Click on ONE of the pics for the DL LINK.
*Click PLAY for a sample of the MIX.


Steve said...

thumbs up!

the beatmeister said...

Stevie bro, thanks much!! been a while. hope everythin's well.


Steve said...

hey al! i'm doing good .. just preoccupied with the new baby boy =) hope all is good with you as well! keep cranking out those awesome mixes. my fav track in this mix is the Prince remix .. that shit is wicked sick!


the beatmeister said...

ei congratulations on the new baby boy bro!! :-D am sure he's going to grow up enjoying and (hopefully) spinning good music too like his dad. hehehe.

we're doin good here too luckily. :)btw, my wife's going there to the US on a business trip, sadly am not coming. :( hehehe.

hey, here's the prince track if your interested bro.. tried to email it to you but it bounced back from your yahoo account. here's the link...

enjoy and best regards bro!

Steve said...

thanks bro!