Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Vault In The Mix Presents: Talkin' 'Bout The Mix - The Vault Exclusives Special Sampler - A DJ Mix By THE BEATMEISTER

Here's another special mix sampler taken from our weekly show, The Vault In The Mix, courtesy of The Vault resident DJs and special guests.

After that very successful LIVE broadcast last weekend (hope some of you were able to tune in) by my compadres, DJ Danny, Dean Andrew and The Boy Wonder featuring their 80s retro supersets, all MIXED LIVE and exclusively on The Vault on Live 365, today's upload is another special sampler of those powermixes you'll be hearing every Saturdays at 8:00 PM (PST)/12:00 NN (Manila).

So sit back, relax and enjoy another excellent blast-from-the-past journey into that retro sound including mostly exclusive tracks, remixes and mash-ups, heard only on The Vault playlist.

1) Ruined In A Day - New Order
2) Talkin' Bout Blue Zoo (The Beatmeister's Mash-Up Mix) - Fatboy Slim vs. Blue Zoo

3) Everytime I See You (The Beatmeister Remix) - Fra Lippo Lippi -
4) Playlist Not Available
5) Rain In The Summertime - The Alarm
6) Girlfriend In A Comma (12" Extended Version) - The Smiths
7) Playlist Not Available
8) Diggin' Your Scene (Phil Harding Remix) - The Blow Monkeys
9) Burning Down The House (Razormaid Remix) - The Talking Heads

To Download:
*Click on ONE of the pics for the DL LINK.
*Click PLAY for a sample of the MIX.


DrStirringRhod said...

NICE BEAT!! Galing!! :-)


the beatmeister said...

thanks docstir!! :D


McDoC said...

Weekends are really the coolest with the Beatmeister's New Wave mixes blasting away!!!

SALAMAT bro!!!

the beatmeister said...

as always, thanks much for the kind words bing!!

appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Ganda N2 Bro d nakakasawang pakingan.....nitram

the beatmeister said...

thanks ng marami sa compli nitram!!