Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson Special Remixes - Stranger In Moscow (The Beatmeister Remix)

This is one of the more recent Jacko songs, which I really love, so I decided to do a dance remix of this tune from his HIStory album. It was the fifth and final single, and was released worldwide in November 1996 but was not released in the US until August 1997. The track was written by Jackson in 1993, at the height of the highly publicized child abuse accusations made against him, while on tour in Moscow. In the ballad, Jackson sings of a fall from grace that has left him lonely, isolated, paranoid and on the verge of insanity.

"When the song was complete, and happy with the result, Jackson therefore decided to make the second disc of HIStory a full studio album, rather than a greatest hits compilation with several new tracks. Upon release "Stranger in Moscow" was praised by critics, today it remains one of his most critically acclaimed pieces. Commercially the single saw mixed results by Jackson's standards, but the highly successful album had already been on the market nearly 18 months and numerous A-side, B-side and radio only singles had already been released to a positive commercial reception.

The song's music video depicts the lives of six individuals, including Jackson, who are left isolated and disconnected from the world around them. The imagery in the video has been replicated in television adverts." (excerpt from Wikipedia).

Here's the exceptional music video of Stranger In Moscow from The King Of Pop.

Now here's the dance remix of Stranger In Moscow, which I recently produced in memory of the late great MJ.

To Download:
*Click on the pic for the DL LINK.
*Click PLAY for a sample of the ReMIX.


doc said...

kakahiya man aminin,ist time ko narinig to beat. not really an mj follower kaya iisa lang ginawa ko mash sa kanya(tribute pa:() but this remix is cool,may ambient elements.bagay yung ginamit mo loops dito.:)

the beatmeister said...

hi doc,

bilis mo ah. hehehe. no prob naman. actually ako din, di naman familiar sa lahat ng songs ni MJ. pero itong 1 ito, nagustuhan ko talaga before nung avid listener ako ng 99.5 RT. medyo bago bago na din ito eh. mga late 90s siguro.

thanks much sa compli. :D lufet ng mash mo.

JPG said...

I like it man! so classy. It's like David Bowie na "this is not america" tas ang tumira pat metheny group.

JPG said...

I like it man! so classy. It's like David Bowie na "this is not america" tas ang tumira pat metheny group.

the beatmeister said...

:) thanks much jeyps!

Leilani said...

thanks a lot! mabuhay ka and looking forward to more mixes from you and your crew!

the beatmeister said...

thanks leilani! mabuhay!

stay tuned for more. :)