Saturday, June 27, 2009

A True 80s Icon - The King Of Pop - Michael Jackson - 1958 to 2009 - A Megamix By THE BEATMEISTER (ReUpload)

Rest In Peace MJ... Your music will live on.... Luckily, this was the closest I got to The King Of Pop.

Am reupping a MegaMix, which I did March of last year, as a sort of paying my last respects to a music legend. Here's the link from my March 21, 2008 post... My Tribute To Wacko Jacko - A Different Approach to Michael Jackson.

1) I Want You Back (Z-Trip Remix)
2) The Girl Is Mine (feat. Will.I.Am) (R.E.E.O. Mix)
3) Beat It (Wicked Whistle Mix)
4) P.Y.T. (Hot Tracks Remix)
5) Billie Jean (Hot Tracks Remix)
6) Get Up and Rock (feat. Afrika Bambaataa) (Spintech Mash-Up Mix)
7) Breathe Don't Stop (samples "Don't Stop Til' U Get Enough) (feat. Q-Tip)
8) Wanna Be Starting Something (Album Version)
9) Thriller vs. Mama Say Mamasa Mamakossa (The Beatmeister vs. Ron Costa Mash-Up Mix)
10) Smooth Criminal (Soul Revenger Electro Remix)
11) Say Say Say (feat. Paul McCartney) (Ghetto Monkeys Mix)
12) State Of Shock (feat. Mick Jagger) (50th Street Mix)
13) P.Y.T. (Marquis Remix)
14) Rock With You (2k3 Remix)
15) Man In The Mirror (Cover) (Hed Kandi Club Mix)

To Download:
*Click on ONE of the pics for the DL LINK.
*Click PLAY for a sample of the MIX.


DrStirringRhod said...

YO BEAT!! You just BEAT IT!! Nice!!

MJ R.I.P. :-(


the beatmeister said...

thanks docstir!

in memoriam..

btw, thanks also for the special mention sa blog re: Gang Of Four. appreciate it.


McDoC said...

PYT ang favorite kong MJ song and you put it twice in the mix... a great mix - a fitting tribute to a great music icon and legend . Sayang, so sudden and shocking... Gone Too Soon... Rest In Peace Michael...

the beatmeister said...

actually, all of these are my personal faves kaya me tracks na i've used twice with different versions.

thanks for the comment bing! in memoriam of the late great MJ.

The Boy Wonder said...

beat! awesome mix indeed.
rest in peace michael...we will all miss you.

the beatmeister said...

salamat benj! :)

farewell to a true 80s legend in music.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Alex

a great tribute for a great singer by a great dj, what else can be said


the beatmeister said...

thanks much for the very nice compli Victor!! greatly appreciate it my friend.

MJ... A music genius indeed!

boyzl1437 said...

Thank you Alex!

the beatmeister said...

you're very much welcome boyzl!


Lazarillo Mochilero said...

Thanks !!!! Your work doing mixes is better day after day.

Warm greetings from Argentina.

the beatmeister said...

hi daniel,

thanks much as always buddy! appreciate it. :) stay tuned for part II of this mix. just tweakin' it a little bit.


djmoprod said...

ei beat thanks for this wonderful mix.. everyone loved it here.. very busy with the new job lately talk 2 u later bro...

the beatmeister said...

ei moprod bro,

long time... thanks for the nice comment! appreciate it. glad you guys enjoyed it.

hope to hearing some new mixes from you.


djmoprod said...

will try, will try..u inspired me to do it again with this one thanks again beat! you r the best! regards 2 d family there.. :-)

the beatmeister said...

maraming salamat bro!

basta keep in touch and ingats jan.