Wednesday, July 16, 2008

M.O.P #20 - Dance To The Beat Of Retro - Mix by DJ MoProd

Here's somethin' new from DJ MoProd. Another collection of cool retro tracks from the 80s & early 90s mixed by da man for your listening pleasure.

Tunes range from mid-80s electronic music of Bomb The Bass and that funky track from Wally Jump Jr. (which I personally like and samples Janet J's track "When I Think Of You") to classic 80s pop from Swing Out Sister, The Pet Shop Boys, El De Barge and Scritti Politti. A little bit of the 70s also pops in with that classic Evelyn "Champagne" King track. Closing the set is another 80s electropop song from Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam.

MoProd relates that he loved the beat of these tunes so much that he decided to do a mix compilation and share it with all of us.

1. Bomb The Bass - Beat Dis
2. Waiting Game - Swing Out Sister
3. Tighten Up - Wally Jump Jr.
4. Breakout - Swing Out Sister
5. Rhythm of the Night - El De Barge
6. Domino Dancing - Pet Shop Boys
7. Absolute - Scritti Pollitti
8. Love Come Down - Evelyn King
9. I Wonder If I Take You Home - Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam

Express your love for the music and give the DJs some shout-outs if you may... Thanks once more DJ MoProd and keep 'em retro sets pumpin'!


Lazarillo Mochilero said...

Good tunes to travel to the 80´s !!!

Thanks, again !!!!

the beatmeister said...

ei daniel,

thanks bro!! always a loyal friend and visitor. :) appreciate it much. DJ MoProd would be delighted.

Cheers!! :D