Friday, July 4, 2008

OPM Set - An Urban Patriot's MegaMix - The Beatmeister vs. Francis M

'Zup guys! It's been a while since my last post and what better way for a comeback than with another megamix of another one of our great OPM advocates. I know, this should have been posted back for my June 12, Philippines' Independence Day post, but better late than never, right?? It's the 4th of July anyway, so Happy Independence Day to all my American and Fil-American friends and readers in the US.

Now on with the music. Known by a dozen monickers, Master Rapper, FM, The Man From Manila, The Mouth, Francis M, King Of Pinoy Rap, etc., Francis Magalona was credited as being the first Filipino rapper to cross over to mainstream and one of the most idolized, celebrated and influential Pinoy rappers. He was also the original urban patriot, expressed through his music, a long time before APL.d'AP of the The Black Eyed Peas declared that he was Pinoy.
A sibling amongst nine brothers and sisters, Francis Magalona is the son of late Philippine movie screen legends Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran. Starting out as a breakdancer in the early 1980s, he followed in his parents footsteps and ventured out into acting, appearing in several Filipino movies; he branched out to emceeing and released the groundbreaking album Yo! in 1990 garnering the nationistic hit Mga Kababayan (My Countrymen), making Yo! the first commercially released Pinoy rap album in the Philippines.[1] While rapping politically conscious and thought-provoking rhymes in both English and Tagalog, the album was a total success and helped instantly catapult Filipino hip hop from underground to mainstream status and also marked the birth of Makabayang or Nationalistic rap in Filipino hip hop.

FrancisM's contributions to the genre have been featured in several international hip hop publications including the All Music Guide to Hip-Hop: The Definitive Guide to Rap and Hip-Hop (2003) published by Backbeat Books; as well as the May 2004 issue of the U.S. based publication The Source. FrancisM was also given the Pioneer Hall of Fame Award by Empire Entertainment at the 1st Annual Philippine Hip-Hop Music Awards in 2005.[3] (taken from Wikipedia).

Join me as we journey into the Oddventures of Mr. Cool (Francis M) and listen to my patriotic mix of his greatest tunes to date.

1) Intro - "Excerpts from The Philippines' National Anthem "Lupang Hinirang" and a speech from US ex-President Bill Clinton

2) 3 Stars & A Sun
3) Ito Ang Gusto Ko (This Is What I Want)
4) Ayoko Sa Dilim! (Don't Wanna Be In The Dark)
5) Meron Akong Ano (I Have Something)
6) Mga Kababayan (My Fellow Countrymen)
7) Tayo'y Mga Pinoy (We Are Filipinos)
8) Gotta Let'cha Know
9) My Only One
10) Loving You (with wife Pia)
11) Girl Be Mine
12) Whole Lotta Lovin' (samples The Eraserheads' "Alapaap")
13) The Man From Manila

14) Kaleidoscope World - my fave Francis M tune

BTW, please check out my remix of another one of his hits if you enjoyed this post...



djdoc said...

two thumbs up!!!

the beatmeister said...

salamat doc!! :D

djdesjoy said...

Nice Job....nice Mix...

the beatmeister said...

thanks djdesjoy! :D

Dr.Stirring Rhod said...

Reminds me of the show "LOVELINESS". He He He!! Naalala modin yun BEAT. :-) FRANSCIS M. co-hosted the show with ALMA MORENO "THE TANGGA QUEEN". Remember his rap na "Alma Moreno, Alma Moreno" (Alma Moreyno pronounciation niya for rap purposes). Ha Ha Ha!! If I'm not mistaken that was the show that catapulted him to RAP Stardom. Oh ayan TRIVIA ulit. He He He!! Well, those were the days man!! MORE POWER BEAT!!


the beatmeister said...

hehe... syempre remember that one docstir!! no nnn no nno nno no no, the beat don't stop 'til the break of dawn...


Dindo said...

all links are dead beat :( updates?

Mojary said...

mr beat...hindi na gumagana yung link mo sa file. any new link na puwede ko mapuntahan para sa mix na 'to and yung sa "Cold Summer Nights (The Beatmeister Remix)"? baka naman puwede mo share sa akin para sa copy ng mixes.


the beatmeister said...

ei Mojary,

thanks much for droppin by and the compli. sayang talaga FM. anyhow, here's the link for both...