Friday, August 29, 2008

Lagnat Laki Mix - A DJ Mix by Spazzkid

Here's a very cool and out-of-this-world mix set performed by none other than the Spazzkid himself. I really enjoyed listening to his very unique set as he was able to fuse in different genres of music including some classic OPM hits from Gary V and VST & Company.

He mentions that he was stricken with some colds, cough and fever and spent most of the time in bed and when he felt better, recorded this spur-of-the-moment mix with some random samples and songs that he had on his DJ rig at that time (just to let us know how he came out with such a unique mix title).

Another excellent and very creative (if I may say so) kind of mix to perk up your weekend from the master of cutting, pasting, mashing, sampling, randomizing, freaking us out and what have you... the Spazzkid.

Samples and songs used (in no particular order):

1) aphex twin - window licker

2) daft punk- harder better faster stronger
3) 50 cent - In da club
4) marvic sotto/vst - ill sing, cmon dance
5) dfa1979 - sexy results
6) spazzkid - dreamer
7) justice vs simian mobile disco - we are your friends
8) hotchip - ready for the floor
9) michael jackson - billy jean
10) pedicab - simulan mo na
11) pedicab - ang pusa mo
12) lcd soundsystem - daft punk is playing at my house
13) gary valenciano - di bale na lang
14) the streets - all goes out the window
15) the avalanches - when i left you

Link... Lagnat Laki Mix - A DJ Mix by Spazzkid (click to preview, right click and "save as" to download)

All I can say is that this mix is definitely ear candy. Kudos to you my man and hoping for more music eclecticism in your upcoming sets that only the Spazz can deliver. I definitely had a blast listening to it! PEACE!! :)

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