Thursday, September 6, 2007

Guilty Pleasures - Another Slow Retro Mix

Having my first shot at this last June titled, "Magic Mixes - A Cheesy Retro Mix for The Weekend," I've decided to do another one just to satisfy the cheesiness I'm feeling today.
Today's mix comprises hits mostly from the 90s and some old mushy tunes, which were also remixed and were very popular DJ tunes during that time. Expect more of my favorite cheesy, but nice-to-listen-to tunes from Hall & Oates, Madonna, John Cougar Mellencamp, SWV, PM Dawn, Nu Shooz, Simply Red, Janet Jackson and a lot more.

Now for the tracks:
1) Blame It On The Rain - Milli Vanilli (US Extended Remix) - the lipsync kings! hehe...
2) Make It Easy - Sybil (Euro Remix) - mushy anthem here in Manila back in the late 80s; a different version from the previous one I've used
3) Method Of Modern Love - Hall & Oates (Original 12" Extended Mix) - cool tune from these guys; thanks to Fexy once more of Born Again 80s for this superb track!

4) Jack & Diane - John Cougar Mellencamp (Rock Shock Remix) - nice guitar riff!

5) Hippychick - Soho (Hot Tracks Remix) - nice tune from the 90s; samples "How Soon Is Now" by The Smiths
6) Hold You Tight - Tara Kemp (12" Extended Mix) - still have my vinyl of this one!
7) One On One - Hall & Oates (The Beatmeister's Combination Remix) - another one from the dynamic duo; thanks to my buddy djaymon for giving me both versions; I can't decide, which one to use so I just mashed them up!
8) Lovely Day - S.O.U.L. System (Album Version) - another Clivilles & Cole Project; nice remake
9) Girl You Know It's True - Milli Vanilli (12" Extended Mix) - another one from the lipsync kings

10) Set A Drift On Memory Bliss - PM Dawn (Mixx It Version) - added a little bit of Spandau in the mix
11) Ditty - Paperboy (12" Version) - cheesy rap track from the 90s
12) Dancing Queen - ABBA (Ultimix) - ultimate cheese; this one's a real guilty pleasure of mine

13) Let's Wait A While - Janet Jackson (1994 Ultimix Unreleased Edit Mix) - cheesy, but nice remix though

14) Crazy For You - Madonna (Ultimix) - another cheese, but nice remix too
15) Right Here, Human Nature - SWV feat. Michael Jackson - love this song; nice mashup
16) Close To You - Whigfield (Intimate Remix)
17) Stars - Simply Red (Comprende Mix) - favorite track used by DJs back in the 90s especially in DMC competitions
18) I Can't Wait - Nu Shooz (Original 12" Extended Version) - nice tune!
19) Straight Up - Paula Abdul (Ultimix) - this was before "American Idol"

Here's to another cheesy flashback for your weekend!


Lazarillo Mochilero said...

Your megamixes are amazing !!! groovy, cool, well mixed...CONGRATULATIONS !!!

I´m downloading some of them and ENJOYING at home: Argentina.

Saludos !!

the beatmeister said...

Hi lazarillo,

Thanks so much bro! Appreciate it. Please continue to visit. :)


5ureshot said...

nice mix sir..feelin the vibe of the 90's..where can i get the version of your hall and oates mix so i could add it up for my dance decade collection? thanks so much and more mixes.. galing

the beatmeister said...

hi 5sureshot,

thanks bro! :) Am glad even guys from multiply are crossing over. yup, its 90s fever. :D

will try to upload it here (one on one - beatmeister's combination remix) perhaps one of these days.