Monday, September 10, 2007

Some Great Reward - A Depeche Mode Tribute Mix

With Depeche Mode, there is the reality of the influential electrosynth-pop group that emerged in the early 80s and seems to be part of a history of pop music together with Human League, Ultravox, OMD, Gary Numan, and Soft Cell. They were the Basildon Kraftwerk, the teenage Roxy, the Essex beatboys. This was the original reality of the group, a doo wop boy band, and then the other alternative spun off from there -- the remixes of the image of Depeche Mode started to happen, the idea, which was reworked, remodelled and reformed.

Dream versions of DM developed -- the electro-acoustic stadium rock band that bridged the culture gap between Kraftwerk and U2, the electro-goth cult group that morphed The Cure with Nine Inch Nails, the avant garde disco fantasy that crawled a thin tense black line between techno-trance and latent-house. They were the remix pioneers that charted a doomy, glamorous route between the rave and the grave.

Their songs told stories about fear, force, sex, love, hate, desire, control, pressure, obsession, pain, action, obedience, like the best pop songs often do. Their remixes overshadowed their songs, suggesting greater depth, more muscle, shadow, pulse and a certain shapeshifting energy.

Today's upload is my ultimate tribute to a legendary new wave/electro/synth group from the 80s, which are truly the pioneers of electronic music with their heavy use of synthesizers, drum machines and sound effects as reflected in their songs and also the story of this band, which can be viewed as the history of the Remix and 12" Extended Versions.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this strange pop or dark rock group, a disordered disco experience, an experimental ambient group, a menacing dance group, or anything, which hardcore DM fans may like to describe their sound.


1) Blasphemous Rumors (The Rumors Strike Back Mix) - my ultimate fave and from my personal opinion, their BEST SONG ever!; gloomy and melancholic; superb remix also
2) World In My Eyes (Daniel Miller Mix) - from my "depechemode remixes 81-04" CD
3) Happiest Girl (Art Maharg Mix) - thanks to Retrowonderland for this track!
4) Everything Counts (Absolut Mix) - from my "depechemode remixes 81-04" CD; the graaabing hands, graaaab all they can!
5) Shout (Rio Remix) - from my "depechemode remixes 81-04" CD
6) No Disco (RZMD DJ Mix) - thanks to Retrowonderland for this track!
7) Policy Of Truth (Capitol Mix) - from my "depechemode remixes 81-04" CD
8) It Doesn't Matter (EMP Mix) - nice remix!
9) Just Can't Get Enough (2006 Dirty South Mix) - thanks to skin for this track!
10) Photographic (Rex The Dog Dubb Mix) - from my "depechemode remixes 81-04" CD

11) Master & Servant (Razormaid Mix) - my second fave DM tune!; this tune is the origin of all remixes and 12-inch extended plays
12) People Are People (Tony Arzadon Remix) - nice remix!
13) Martyr (DJ 80s Funkin' Beat n Bass Dub) - strange, but nice
14) Personal Jesus (Trentemoller Side A Remix) - thanks to skin for this track!

15) Shake The Disease (Understand Me White Label 2005 Mix) - understand me!; nice updated remix
16) Dream On (2005 Steve's X-Factor White Label Remix) - electro tinged!; thanks to skin for this track!
17) Never Let Me Down Again (Digitalism Mix) - radical remix of another one of my fave DM tracks!
18) Personal Jesus (Razormaid Mix) - just felt the need to end this tribute with this great track with a different remix

With the protective help of the remixes and the remixers, DM stand, as they did back in the days of the 12 inch single, back in the vinyl age, on the edge of tomorrow. Looking Forward, listening forward.


stevenchester said...

just can't get enough (times 2). luv depeche!

the beatmeister said...


thanks bro!