Monday, September 3, 2007

Rave On, Trip Out - A Journey Into Trance and Techno

For someone who has great love and passion for music, I am not limiting myself to just one or two genres and am very open to new and different sounds for growth and diversity. It is also through music that I learn to appreciate different types of people, culture and places.

With too much exposure to electro and the retro 80s sound, I suddenly felt the need to try something different once more and put together a mix composed of beats and elements of Trance and Techno.
Techno started in the early 90s and reached its peak late 90s to 2000 with pioneers Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson leading the pack. Also known as the Belleville Three, these 3 high school friends from a Detroit suburb soon found their basement tracks in dancefloor demand and thus, the term "Detroit Techno" evolved.

As for Trance, it is a style of electronic music, which developed in the 90s. It is generally characterized by a BPM of between 130 to 150 and features repetitive melodic synthesizer phrases, and a musical form that builds up and down throughout the track and also features crescendos and/or breakdowns. It also reached its peak, almost the same time, as Techno did, but each had a different crowd back then.

Also dance music events were the main thing during this Techno/Trance boom with Gatecrasher (Birmingham) and Sensation (Amsterdam) as the most popular.

For today's upload, I will try my best to mix both of these genres together for a more club-like feel and start the week with a blast with these heavy, hard pumping beats. Expect well-known Trance heroes like Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Underworld, Chicane, Blank & Jones mixed with my favorite Techno warriors like The Warp Brothers, Josh Wink, Paul Oakenfold, Darude, and Dave Clark.

Now for today's tracklist:
1) Moments In Love - Vision (Rob Searles Anthem Mix) - from my "BEST OF TRANCE 2001 CD"
2) Beautiful Day - U2 (Paul Oakenfold Remix) - nice remix!
3) Dooms Night - Azzido Da Bass (Pasal F.E.O.S. Treatment Mix) - from my "BEST OF TRANCE 2001 CD"

4) Beyond Time - Blank & Jones (Club Mix) - from my "BEST OF TRANCE 2001 CD"
5) We Are Alive - Paul Van Dyk (Breathless Mix) - my favorite trance track here from the trance guru!;
6) Unbreakable - DJ Sammy (Album Version)
7) Synaesthesia (Fly Away) - The Thrillseekers feat. Sheryl Deane ( Paul Van Dyk Vocal Mix) - great remix from PVD; from my "BEST OF TRANCE 2001 CD"

8) We Will Survive - Warp Brothers (Club Mix Short Break) - love this hard techno track especially the breakdown!
9) Feel The Beat - Darude (js16 Dark Mix) - another great techno track!

10) Born Slippy - Underworld (Hard House Remix) - a classic trance track remixed hard house style; my fave tune from Underworld!
11) Sweet Surrender - Sarah McLachlan (DJ Tiesto Mix) - nice remix from one of the greatest trance DJs; from my "Sarah McLachlan Remixed CD"
12) Suburban Train - DJ Tiesto (Album Version) - from my "Tiesto: In My Memory CD"
13) Love On The Run - Chicane (Club Mix) - another fave track of mine!
14) Time To Burn - Storm (12" Long Version) - from my "BEST OF TRANCE 2001 CD"

15) Zombie Nation - KernKraft 400 (Dave Clark Mix) - from my "BEST OF TRANCE 2001 CD"
16) Phat Bass - Warp Brothers (Aquagen More Bass Mix) - another one from the great Warp Brothers
17) Higher State Of Consciousness - Wink (Club Mix) - techno anthem!; from my Urbal Beats: Definitive Guide to Electronic Music CD (a collectors CD)
18) Caterpillar - Keoki (Club Mix) - techno anthem!; from my Urbal Beats: Definitive Guide to Electronic Music CD (a collectors CD)
19) Sandstorm - Darude (Tom Hafman Remix)

Here's to loads of funky resergent!

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