Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rock The Funky Teardrop - The Beatmeister's TripHop MashUp Mix

Had some bad luck last week when my trusty computer broke down so I might not be able to upload new mixes for the meantime.

Anyways, for today, will be uploading a special track, which I've included in a previous mix last June titled, "The iPOD Generation - An Eclectic Mix." This is a simple mash-up of two of my favorite chillout electronic tunes, Massive Attack's "Teardrop" (which BTW is also the theme from my wifey's favorite FOX series, House M.D.) and a classic drum&bass track from The Natural Born Chillers called "Rock The Funky Beats." Hope you like it.

Rock The Funky Teardrop - Massive Attack vs. The Natural Born Chillers (The Beatmeister's TripHop MashUp Mix)

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