Monday, October 13, 2008

M.O.P. Mix #23 - A Progressive 80s House Mix by DJ MoProd

Somethin' new from another one of my buddies and co-residents here at Totally Mixed Up, my man, DJ MoProd behind the decks once more and in the mix.

After that long hiatus (I guess he's really been very busy with work and family life), well he's back to give us what he loves to do best; mixing some retro tunes.

He kicks off with a different version of my fave track from OMD and the theme from that cult 80s movie, "Pretty In Pink," followed by a bunch of tunes from 80s artists like Anything Box, PSB, and REM. Also included in the mix is an original creation from another one of my buddies, djDocT, remixing that Michael Franks hit. More dance tracks from EBTG and Cliff Richard follow, while ending the set with Mr. Lee's "Pump That Body."

1. If You Leave - OMD
2. Living In Oblivion - Anything Box
3. Losing My Religion - R.E.M. (Euromix)
4. Heartbeat - Pet Shop Boys
5. Lady Wants To Know - Michael Franks (djdoct ballroom mix)

6. I Just Don't Have The Heart - Cliff Richards
7. Missing - Everything But The Girl
8. Pump That Body - Mr. Lee

Link... A Progressive 80s House Mix - DJ MoProd (new link provided)
Excellent retro set my friend and thanks again for sharing great music with everyone. Cheers! :D


doc said...

aba..aba..subra na to!1 cno may pakana neto ha?!

actually, i just wanna say thanks to both of you for featuring my remix.eto papakinggan ko mix mo moprod!!

the beatmeister said...

ei doc,

hehehe. no probs. thanks din for that nice remix. :D


PS: happy b-day pala ulet!

djmoprod said...

thanks doc and i apologize ala kong pambili ng copyright ngayon eh i'm broke :) ala pating practice yan live mix kaya walang finesse gagandahan ko palagi thanks beat!!

the beatmeister said...

no prob bro, anytime. :D


DrStirringRhod said...

COOOOOOL ITONG MIX ah!! Napapadami na yata ang NEW WAVE MIXES lately ah. HE HE HE!! :-)


the beatmeister said...


hehe siyempre... courtesy of our man of the hour and resident DJ, DJ MoProd In The Mix...


djmoprod said...

thanks docstirr by the way galing ng site mo bro daming stuff about my era :)

Anonymous said...

Unable to d/l the file on zshare :-(

djmoprod said...

sorry anonymous ei beat problems on zshare suggest any other media file sharing?

Anonymous said...

think when zshare was down over the weekend....screwed up alot of the links :(((

Anonymous said...

you can find some sharing sites here for uploading your mix:

thanks in advance

djmoprod said...

thanks for that info i'll bookmark it :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for re-upping it! :-)