Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Totally Mixed Up To Go Private??? - Your Suggestions Are Very Much Welcome

Hi everyone!! After what happened to all my posts with Zshare and the most recent one with 4Shared, I am thinking of going private and restricting our blog's access to invited readers only. I know it's kinda drastic move, but I think I have no other choice if this freedom of sharing your work with others without expecting anything in return (monetary that is) will continue to be suppressed by some individuals. It's a tough decision for me so I would appreciate any inputs from you guys on what we can do for the succeeding posts. Thanks in advance!


djmoprod said...

whatever will be best for the site bro! don't give up the good work :)

the beatmeister said...

ei moprod bro,

sige tignan natin kung ano puwede gawin. for the meantime, puwede ka upload sa iba pang sites like mediafire or divshare para dun sa latest mix mo.

thanks. :D

Anonymous said...

hiya, Ive enjoyed reading your blog and the music selection is great. Hope to be one of our exclusive reader to access your blog?




the beatmeister said...

ei myboyracer,

thanks for the very nice comments and encouraging words. no problem my friend, you'll be the first one on our list if ever we go private. :D


Mike said...

oh no! if / when you do go private, please add me to your list:


OEV said...


go dotcom or private or bust. follow your heart, bud! ciao.

Anonymous said...

i ve been following your site since long time ago, i think when it got started, and im amazed of your work as a dj and the beaufitul pieces you have shared with all of us, i'd really appreciate if by the time you decide to go this blog private you could give me access as well, victorurzua@hotmail.com from mazatlan, sinaloa, mexico, regards!

workshy said...

kudos to the totally mixedup,im always a fan of this site,kahit ano po mangyari susuportahan ko po ito!!

God bless!!

workshy said...

include me please...im always a fan of this site, kahit ano mangyari susuportahan ko ito!!
keep it up guys!


doc said...

try divshare,fileden and hotlinkfiles and others. madami yang ganyan na may free streaming kaso limited ang bandwidth mo ng 5GB.kaya scattter mo. i'll give you the code kagaya nung sa akin para auto detect yung link.sayang naman pag nagprivate ka.dami mo pa naman fans!

allan said...

hi im one of your many followers in the uk , and i hope im on your private list as i think your music is soo upfront , and i think peeps need to kno they can hear it without the minority stoppin it for others , and i enjoy reading your bogs every week , keep up the good work beatmeister

allan aka djallan

The Ref said...

I don't see what the point of going private is. If you want exposure for your mixes you should just keep it public.

vongmeister said...

Just in case you go private, don't forget to invite me kabayan. You're always my favorite DJ.


the beatmeister said...

thanks so much guys for all the overwhelming support!! words can't describe how I'm feeling now.

really appreciate it. still thinking of the best way to get through with this obstacle.

more suggestions please!!! :D

the beatmeister said...

thanks for that info i'll bookmark it :)


John said...

Hey bro

I think by going private you begin to lose your audience.

I've been privy to join some of these blog/sites that went private and gave up on them. It became harder and harder to remember paswords and such to get in. And more keystrokes ugh! hehe

Most blogs I joined usually closed up because the visitors and feedback trickled down to nil. For whatever reason.

I'm sure it is your joy to share your creations and get feedback on your mixes, as much is it is ours to listen to them.

If it were my decision, I'd keep it public. Either way, I'd follow you.


McDoC said...

Hi Beat,

I thought it's just the tech problems with Z-share, turns out some of your posts were also deleted. Bad trip nga. I also saw messages from other blogs about files being deleted, maybe it's because your blog is popular. DjPaulT and Babakazoo also has those problems. Well, it's still your decision in the end and we have to respect that. Let's just hope for the best.


Stevie said...

Don't be discouraged .. that's the way it is .. just keep moving forward. My 2 cents is to stay public if you want to keep attracting new users.

Leny said...

Hi, I check your blog once a week and this time I was chocked to read it: going private! More and more public sites decide so.. too bad but understandable.. I always enjoy your blog and I hope you will keep the door open for me :-)

Cheers and good luck!

Leny (vanwilligen1 at hormail dot com)

cable2006h said...

You should do whatever is best for your blog! Love the mixes you do produce and please dont give up; keep up the great work and your readers will always stick by you no matter what u may decide.

Anonymous said...

hey do whatever you think is best for your site. I just hope I won't get left out if ever you decide to go private. Good luck and more power to you!

listener from virginia

the beatmeister said...

once again, thanks so much for more encouraging and uplifting comments guys!! salamat talaga!! :D

am taking all of your suggestions into consideration until I come up with the best solution. :D

cheers everyone!!! STAY ON!!

mixipod said...

DeaR! Zshare and Blogger are $%^@#*^

Many of my posts are disappearing!!!
So sad,huh?
Well maybe going private is the only way...

Anonymous said...

ei lex, beatmeister

i cant fully understand whats going on but hey let me know if you're going private or whatever.

more mixes pls. btw, just so you know, im now a trance fanatic. kascade mix did it. :-)

great work(s) Lex

boyzl1437 said...

Whatever you do, I'll support!
But hope you 'll count me in! ^_^

Lazarillo Mochilero said...

Do the best you feel and think, but PLEASE remember that me (Lazarillo Mochilero, from Argentina) has been supporting your work with honest comments since a year :_)