Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Blue Monday - The New Order Substance MegaMix

When a world leader such as George Dubyah says "New World Order," there are equal amounts of people who cheer the coming of sweeping change and those who shudder at the thought. But in the arena of dance rock music, "New Order" has a more overridingly positive connotation. Because when it comes to Manchester's favored sons -- original "trademark" holders of the phrase New Order and world leaders of their own sort in the realm of danceable dysfunction -- any melancholic pronouncement is always geared to uplifting change and change has been a much more subtle subversion since the Factory Records cornerstone group emerged in 1980 from the implosion of post-punk touchstones Joy Division.

Following the death of Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis, singer/guitarist Bernard Sumner, bassist Peter Hook and drummer Stephen Morris chose to soldier on for what would be 25 years of futile struggle to push their seminal synth-textured sound forward. It was 1983's elaborately packaged "Blue Monday" that New Order's chrysalis cracked and what emerged struck the balance of blissed out kiss-off, which would eventually ride into the uplifting and anthemic territory of "Bizarre Love Triangle" and "State Of A Nation".

Over New Order's quarter of a century existence and following another period of internal reevaluation, the group has released their latest bid, Waiting For The Siren's Call," for reintroduction to a new generation of music afficionados that has openly embraced their old record's emotionally distant yet identifiable headiness and unmistakable guitar riffs.

In that regard, as my personal tribute to the greatest new wave, dance-rock, synth band, or anything you want to describe "New Order," I've made this MegaMix to satisfy the cravings of fanatics (including yours truly) out there.

1) Touched By The Hand Of God (Remix)
2) Thieves Like Us (Beatmeister's Cut-Up Remix) - one of my personal faves!!
3) Don't Do It (Beatmeister's Shortcut Remix)
4) Shell Shock (Album Version)
5) True Faith (Morel's Pink Noise Club Mix)
6) Subculture (Razormaid Mix)
7) Fine Time (Silk Mix)
8) Round & Round (Ultimix)
9) Blue Monday (Razormaid Mix)
10) 586 (Razormaid Mix)
11) Perfect Kiss (Hot Tracks Mix) - greatest New Order track for me!
12) Here To Stay (Felix Da Housecat Remix) feat. The Chemical Brothers
13) Regret (Tocadisco Remix)
14) Jetstream (Tom Neville Remix) feat. Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters
15) Confusion (Koma & Bones Vocal Mix)
16) Bizarre Love Triangle (2005 Crystal Method Remix)
17) Crystal (Album Version)
18) Love Vigilantes (Spiral Tribe Remix)
19) Leave Me Alone (Album Version) - another one of my faves!

For all the New Order disciples, Enjoy!!!


Jonas said...

where is 60 miles an hour?! great mix btw :P

Anonymous said...

Amazing mix of my FAVORITE band> love it mate...keep up the brilliant work

Anonymous said...

Amazing mix of my FAVORITE band....brilliant work, keep it up!!

the beatmeister said...

Hi Jonas,

Thanks man! Am not familiar with that track, sorry. ;) Have included almost all of my personal favorites and their most successful songs.


the beatmeister said...

Thanks much mate! The greatest band of all time.

BTW, is that you Robin? :)

Anonymous said...

great N.O. remixes ...

(((D I E H A R D ))

the beatmeister said...

Hi Diehard,

Musta bro? Thanks man! :)

Jaybee John Vincent said...

wab it dood!

the beatmeister said...

thanks bro! :D

Hanging pain! Nice remix or post title. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Dear!I LOVEEEEE New Order!!!!
Are u fine?Hope so!!!!

Congratulations for this Post!!!I'll be downloading nowwww!!!!! ;o)

More Power!!!! (I knew it by you!)


the beatmeister said...

Hi Mix,

Welcome back! Glad you liked this one. Am also a NewOrderphile. :D


PS. Sorry, accidentaly rejected the comment, so I just copied and pasted it again. :)

Anonymous said...


Your_other_brotha-Darryl said...

any chance to re up the link plz? TX!