Friday, August 3, 2007

East Meets West - The Ultimate Trippy Beats Mix

After a barrage of 80s mixes, let's flashforward to the current electronic scene once more. For today's upload, will be trying somethin' new again. This time, I will be including some tracks from local Filipino electronic artists, remixing and blending them with foreign acts.
For this set, you'll be hearing from my fave local band at the moment, Up Dharma Down. Personally, I think they're one of the most promising acts in the local scene today because of their unique sound as compared to other fly-by-night, commercial bands. Their more into electronic stuff, sounding sometimes drum n' bassy and sometimes downtempo, and even use samplers and synths. And because of this uniqueness, they were even featured in the July '07 issue of Time Magazine titled, "The Way Of Dharma."

Another amazing local electronic act which I've included is Drip. Composed of Beng Calma (Vocals), Malek Lopez (Live Keyboards, Sound Design, and Programming), and Ian Magbanua (Beats and Programming). Listen to Beng's haunting and seductive vocals and you'll be mesmerized. Their mostly into trip-hop and downtempo.

Last, but not the least is Squid 9, a.k.a. Raymund Marasigan, drummer of the once popular, but now defunct, "Eraserheads," from the 90s. He's also the lead singer of "Sandwich" and still plays drums for the band "Cambio" and also synth for "Pedicab." His style as an individual act is mostly electronic, mostly comprising of drum n' bass, house, techno, and breaks sounds from his solo album.

I called this set "Trippy" as the style ranges from downtempo to trip-hop to drum n' bass to broken beat and a lot more. Picture it as more like "A Blissful Journey Into The Electronic Sound." Also expect an eclectic mix from a wide range of artists like Marcus Intalex, The Doors, The Crystal Method, Aphrodite, The Fugees, Limp Bizkit, Ne-Yo and a lot more. Have also included promising indie d&b artists like Psidream, Krushed and Sorted, Head Slider, and more.

Now for today's tracklist:
1) Lazy Daisy - Up Dharma Down (Ascolto Remix)
2) Glass Breaker - The Crystal Method
3) High Roller/Rock The Funky Beats - The Crystal Method vs. Natural Born Chillers (The Beatmeister's DownBeat Mash-Up)
4) Six Days - DJ Shadow feat. Mos Def (Remix) - from "The Fast & The Furious:Tokyo Drift" soundtrack
5) Finding The Bomb - The Dust Brothers
6) Circles - Adam F (Roni Size Remix)
7) Smile - Lilly Allen (Soundboy Remix) - catchy tune!;nice remix
8) Scattered - Krushed & Sorted
9) Ready Or Not - The Fugees (Aphrodite Remix)
10) 3 a.m. - Marcus Intalex and High Contrast - love this tune!
11) Hey Preppy - Drip (Remix)
12) Moonwalk - Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files
13) Back Like That - Ne-Yo & Ghostface Killah (DJ Marky Remix) - thanks to skin once more for this superb tune!!

14) LA Woman - The Doors (Kult Litre Mix) - some 60s rock for you, dnb style!
15) Rollin' - Limp Bizkit (DJ Monk vs The Track Mack Remix)
16) Why Must It Be So Tainted - Bachelors of Science - nice indie track!
17) Fallin' - Raiden (Friction Remix)
18) For You - Headslider (Remix)
19) Drama N Bass Playa - Squid 9 - nice guitar riff!
20) Solar Waves - Psidream
21) Maybe - Up Dharma Down (Beatmeister's Fragmented Remix) - listen to this tune!!
22) SSS Groove Squad - Squid 9 (Beatmeister's Calamari & Squid Balls Remix) - used some native Filipino instruments

Let's see how some native Filipino instruments would sound alongside MIDI controllers and synthesizers. :)

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