Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Breaker's Revenge - A Mix of ElectroFunkin' Breakdance Classics

For someone who was born in the 70s and experienced his adolescent years in the 80s, today's set would be very memorable. Before being engulfed in New Wave music, I was first breakin', poppin', and lockin' to these old school electrofunk and hiphop classics. Having my very first post entitled, "Old School Funk Classics," I've decided to do another set of these classic electrofunk and hiphop tunes and give it another shot. Most of the music I've included for today were the ones that we've used in dance and battle routines, more commonly known as "showdown" back in the day. Expect also some early 90s stuff from Vanilla Ice and Mellow Man Ace.

Some of the tracks were also included in the soundtrack of four of the most memorable breakdance movies ever made in the 80s namely, "Breakin'," "Breakin' 2", "Beat Street," and "Body Rock." I recall watching them all in Betamax format (hehe!).

Here's a shot of some of my vinyl from way back 80s. Hope you have a blast with these cool memorabilia. :)
Now for the music:
1) Crazy Cuts - Grandmixer DST - sounds very much like Herbie Hancock's "Rockit"
2) Showdown - Ollie & Jerry - from the Breakin' soundtrack; from the same guys who gave you "There's No Stoppin' Us"
3) Love Rockin' - Terry Burrus and Transe - love this funky tune; danced by a popular Filipino group called "The OctoMechanix" back in the 80s.
4) Body Rock - Maria Vidal (Jellybean Dancemix) - familiar with Chilly D?; for those who've watched the movie, you'll know what I'm sayin'

5) No Parking On The Dancefloor - Midnight Star (Ultimix) - this is what you call electrofunk
6) Call Me - Skyy (Disconet Remix) - another popular tune danced by another popular Filipino group back in the 80s called "The Knapsax"
7) Hey You (The Rocksteady Crew) - The Rocksteady Crew - a breaker's anthem back then; synchronize your feet
8) Wordy Rappinghood - Tom Tom Club (12" Version) - great for those poppin' and lockin' moves
9) Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice (Ultimix) - before Eminem (hate this guy!), there was Vanilla Ice
10) Cool As Ice - Vanilla Ice - cool movie soundtrack

11) Breaker's Revenge - Arthur Baker -the ultimate battle theme!; early Arthur Baker stuff before he got into the British Invasion

12) Looking For The Perfect Beat - Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - the godfather of electrofunk
13) Frantic Situation - Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force + Shango - back-2-back classics; thanks to JayDee for this track
14) Din Daa Daa - George Kranz (Disconet Remix) - from Breakin' 2 soundtrack; another classic
15) Mentirosa - Mellow Man Ace (Extended Version) - early 90s latino hiphop
16) Survival - Grandmaster Flash - another legend in early 80s hiphop
17) Mirda Rock - Reggie Griffin - love this funkin' track; great for those poppin' and lockin' moves; early 80s electrofunk
18) Basketball - Kurtis Blow - another legendary 80s rapper
19) Beat Street Breakdown - Grandmaster Melle Mel and The Furious Five - "throw yer' hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care"

20) The Message - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five (Original Extended 12" Version) - classic old school hiphop; thanks to Fexy for this track

Get ready to synchronize your feet and get down to the riddim!


Anonymous said...

nice work done here...you did mentioned the OctoMechanix, yes they were great actually 2 of them were my neighbors in philippines...

the beatmeister said...


That's great to hear. :)

Thomas said...

Great blog, i like it and read it.
I have tryed to listen to your mix "My Electro Funkin Breakdance Mix - The Beatmeister" But I can't download it?

Keep up teh good wok