Thursday, August 30, 2007

Do It Again - That ElectroNuRock Sound!

For today's set, you will hear mostly the Roland TR-808 drum machine recognizable in almost all of the tracks used. The Roland TR-808 , a legendary drum machine created in the 1980s, also acts as the base of a specific track for broken, syncopated rhythms. The instrumentation for this type of updated retro sound is highly funk-style simulated bass lines, sequenced or appregiated synthetic guitar riffs and unheard sound effects, all created with synthesizers.

What started off in the 80s still continues up to now especially with the proliferation and revival of everything that is 80s, from music to movies to fashion to pop culture.

Expect the most prominent artists of this genre for today's set like A.R.E. Weapons, Para One, Felix da Housecat, Dirty South and Benny Benassi. Have also heavily utilized plenty of effects such as filters, delays, reverbs, phasers, flangers, samplers and scratches all incorporated in the mix.
Now for the tracklisting:
1) Walking Blues - A.R.E. Weapons (Thomas Troelsen Remix)
2) It's My Life - No Doubt (Spintech Remix) - nice cover of this classic Talk Talk track!
3) Black Spot On The Sun - Mark Knight & Dirty South vs. The Police (Original Mix) - samples "King Of Pain"; very, very good
4) Du Dun Dun - Para One (MSTRKRFT Remix)
5) The Creeps - Camille Jones vs. Fedde Le Grand (Electro Funk Lovers Remix)
6) Such A Shame - Crew 7 vs. Talk Talk (Tim Verba Remix) - another updated remix of a classic new wave track
7) Do It Again - The Chemical Brothers (2007 Extended Mix) - love this new Chemical track!
8) Need You Tonight - Anton Neumark (Good Will and Tommie Trash Remix) - nice INXS cover
9) Perfect (Exceeder) - Mason vs. Princess Superstar (2007 Martijn Ten Velden Vocal Mix)
10) In A Big Country - Big Country (Extended Remix) - check this out!!
11) You Don't Know Me - Armand Van Helden (2007 Remix) - nice updated remix!
12) Afterglow - INXS (Redankas Afterdark Remix) - JD Fortune's not a Michael Hutchence, but he's the right frontman for the new INXS; great track
13) I Can't Go For That - Frank Shofner feat. Samantha Newark (Scotty Boys Sunday Afternoon Extended Mix) - nice remake of this Hall&Oates song
14) Like Something 4 Porno - Felix da Housecat (Armand Van Helden Remix) - king of electro!
15) Big Time - Peter Gabriel (Electro Kingdom Extended Main Mix) - updated remix of this 80s track
16) Here Comes The Rain Again - Eurythmics (Freemasons Vocal Mix) - love this updated remix; thanks to Mixipod for this great track!

17) Back By Any Demand - Sander van Doorn (Dope Mix) - nice track!
18) Bring The Noise - Public Enemy (Benny Benassi Pumpkin Remix) - nice electro remix of a classic hiphop tune!; thanks to skin for this track!

You may also want to try my last month's post of "The 80s Remixed, Remashed and Rehashed - Some Electro House For You," which is very similar to this one.

Here's to a great electro weekend! :)


MixiPod said...

The Beatmeister:
I just LOVE all mixes u do!!!!My iPod loves these news!!! ;o)

More POWER!!!

the beatmeister said...

Hi Mix,

Thanks so much! Appreciate it. :)


MixiPod said...

The Beatmeister:Loveeee INXS too!!!

the beatmeister said...

Hi Mixi,

Anytime. :) INXS rocks!


SPiNTECH said...

Thanks for playing my remixes bro :) Your brother in mix... SPiNTECH