Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The iPOD Generation - An Eclectic Mix

With the birth of this amazing music player called the iPOD, more and more of us learn to appreciate almost any type of music, whether they be classical, rock, new wave, electronic, ska, reggae, or anything with rhythm and beats. We generate playlists ranging from AC/DC to The Black Eyed Peas to Massive Attack to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, etc., making most of us a walking contradiction.

From my opinion, the so-called "iPOD Generation" is a more diverse bunch of music aficionados compared to before when kids would just be listening to one genre. This is okay because it bridges the gap between generations of music lovers. I, for one, now love listening to stuff from The Beach Boys, The Who, The Doors, etc., which only baby boomers would appreciate before. I also listen to new bands like The Killers, Snow Patrol, Ok Go, etc., which most kids listen to nowadays.

For today's upload, I would be sharing an Eclectic Mix of different genres, which I did a couple of weeks back, reflecting today's iPOD Generation.

Tracklisting as follows:

1) Midnight In a Perfect World - DJ Shadow
2) Keep Hope Alive - The Crystal Method (Trip Hop Mix)
3) Walking Dead - DJ Z-Trip feat. Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)
4) Teardrop / Rock The Funky Beats (The Beatmeister's Mashup) - Massive Attack feat. Natural Born Killers
5) Street Knowledge - Evol Intent
6) Digital - Goldie (VIP Remix)
7) Sex Machine - James Brown (Coldcut Mix)
8) Hardknox - Fire Like This
9) Apache - Sugar Hill Gang (Jump On It!)
10) Funky Breakbeat - DJ Q-Bert
11) Organ Donor - DJ Shadow (Golden Remix)
12) Miami Vice Theme - Jan Hammer (Extended Version)
13) Smoked - The Crystal Method
14) Points Of Authority - Linkin Park (The Crystal Method Mix)
15) PMHD - The Crystal Method
16) 19-2000 - Gorillaz (Soulchild Remix)
17 ) Name Of The Game - The Crystal Method
18) I Try /Holy Calamity (The Beatmeister's Mashup) - Macy Gray feat. Handsome Boy Modelling School (My Wifey's Favorite Tune; This one's for her :) )
19) Easy Breezy - Utada Hikaru (94 BPM Mix)
20) Dust In The Wind - Kansas
21) Tempted - Squeeze (Hot Tracks Mix)
22) Back in Black - AC/DC

Here's the link...

Have fun listening and even one word comments would be greatly appreciated! I love reading them and it gives me feedback whether I'm doing ok or not. BTW, have already changed my settings so that anybody can now place their comments even if they are not registered with Blogger.

See yah! :)


Anonymous said...

GENIUS MIX!! It works on so many different levels, its the mix I WISH my i-pod would play but never does. Top notch.

the beatmeister said...

Thanks bro! :) Will be posting more mixes from more genres in the upcoming weeks.

Am glad you liked this one.


mixipod said...

Hi!Yes, My ipod is like that, too many different kind of sounds!! lol Modern life!

the beatmeister said...

Nice to have variations!

Cheers! :)

mon said...

cool men....i have Those slow jam mixes.....originally jamtrax collection most of it..... can i post my mixes bro....

the beatmeister said...

Hi mon,

Thanks man! Have posted mixes like slow jam ones, please see cheesy retro mix.

Perhaps you can upload it via file hosting sites and then post the link.