Tuesday, May 13, 2008

M.O.P # 19 - Synthesizing The 80s by DJ MoProd

Another flaming hot set from my co-resident, DJ MoProd, coming to you fresh and in the mix.
His track selection is a combination of some pop retro tunes and 80s new wave stuff, with a common denominator of that synthesized sound. As quoted from MoProd, he says that he was inspired with how these artists made old school synthesizers and beats work well during these era, which eventually gave birth to the modern retroesque style in music that we hear today.

There is also a reincarnation of this kind of sound with today's electroclash, electrohouse and modern dance rock anthems. Even pop stars are reinventing themselves and are riding the bandwagon (JT, Timbaland, Madonna, Rihanna, etc).
For his latest mix upload, you'll hear classic tracks from Information Society, Fiction Factory, Expose, Pet Shop Boys, Human League, Camouflage, Pretty Poison and Book Of Love.

1.Come Go With Me - Expose
2.Feels Like Heaven - Fiction Factory - first time I heard this version, but it sounds nice!
3.Catch Me I'm Falling - Pretty Poison
4.Boy - Book Of Love
5.Dont You Want Me Baby - Human League
6.Oppurtinities - Pet Shop Boys
7.The Great Commandment - Camouflage
8.What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) - Information Society

Kudos to you buddy for bringing back that good old sound! Keepin' it retro bro. :D


Stacy said...

This is an amazing mix! You guys know how to get it done. You all are going somewhere and should be on a U.S station.

Keep Mixin'


the beatmeister said...

hi stacy,

thanks for droppin' by and the very nice comments.


djmoprod said...

thanks to the compliment stacy we're glad you liked it!