Monday, May 26, 2008

OPM Mash-Up : Sama Na (The Beatmeister's Praise The Beats Mash-Up Mix) - Fatboy Slim vs. The Chillitees

Here's another local Pinoy band I kinda like also because of their unique sound, which they term "alterna-soul." They like to describe it as a cool fusion of all their major influences from The Beatles to Nirvana to Mariah Carey to Eraserheads to APO Hiking Society to Bread and to anything and everything in between.

What I find unique about the band is that most of their songs are in Tagalog (the Philippines native language), but the instrumentation and arrangement of their songs have a Western vibe in it. Some Pinoy bands try so hard mimicking foreign artists by trying to sound too American or too British, which makes it sound corny for me (IMHO). The Chillitees, on the other hand, doesn't need to do that and in fact, proudly incorporates their roots through their music.
Their members include Dan Gil on vintage keys/vocals, Uela Basco on lead vocals, Ryan Ventura on bass, Dex Aguila on drums and Jon Padilla on guitars.

Their debut album released independently called "Extra Rice Please" (hehe cool name for an album) includes this song, "Sama Na" (meaning "Come With Me/Us" in English), which I've decided to mix and mash with one of my fave Fatboy Slim tunes called "Praise You," and here's the result...

You can check them out via their multiply account @ for more info.

This band is another proof of genuine, superb Pinoy talent. Kudos to you guys!!

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