Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Remembering The Good Ol' Days - The Beatmeister's 80s Slam Dance Mix

Whenever I feel crappy, tired and stressed out from work, I think about a happy place and being a certified Gen-X'er, a happy place for me would be that great decade called "The 80s."

The 80s were those days when all I would ever think about was what vinyl to buy next, when to go to my local record store for some new wave and EP vinyl hunting, ride my BMX bike, do some breakdancing, watch 80s TV shows like C.H.I.P.S., Six Million Dollar Man, Land Of The Lost, The Incredible Hulk, play with my Popeye Game & Watch, or just simply hang-out and play outside with other kids.

The 80s were all about high school dance, soiree, school fairs, senior's ball, and house parties. Studying at an exclusive all boys school, such events matter most to us as it was the only time when we can interact with the opposite sex (if you know what I mean, hehe).

It was also the time when I was just learning the in's and out's of DJ mixing through the help of a friend, who'd lend his old school mixer and turntables for me to practice on. This also paved the way for me to eventually acquire my own equipment and start this very interesting hobby.

So what better way to rekindle those fond memories of my childhood and adolescence than to feature a mix set, which includes almost all of the best slamming New Wave party tunes that I grew up listening to.

Kids slam dancing in groups to Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself" and The Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" in parties was the way to go in the 80s and this eventually paved the way for that "mosh pit scene" during the 90s grunge era.

BTW, before I forget, would like to thank my buddy, blogger friend and schoolmate (if I may say so.. :) ), Dr. Stirring Rhod, for requesting this mix and giving me the idea of doing such a set of fast-beat New Wave tunes, which were usually played during parties and high school dances back in the day. Coming from the same school, I am certain that docstir knows what I'm talking about, right bro? :)

This mixset is also featured in his very cool retro blog, which I highly recommend that everyone should check out especially for the New Wave music addicts. It's @

For anything and everything 80s and New Wave music, this is the place to be, right DocStir? :) So please check it out!!

Am sure anyone will enjoy this set especially those who are about to give up and jump off a building, this is a guaranteed stress reliever.

1) The First Picture Of You (12" Mix) - Lotus Eaters
2) Catch Me (I'm Falling) (12" Mix) - Real Life
3) Major Tom (Retro Shock Remix) - Peter Schillling
4) Cool Places (12" Mix) - Sparks feat. Jane Wiedlin

5) Chamber Of Hellos (12" Mix) - Wire Train
6) I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones-On-45 Mix) - Ramones
7) Metro (Remix) - Berlin
8) Dancing With Myself (12" Mix) - Billy Idol
9) Take On Me (12" Mix) - A-ha
10) Boys Don't Cry (The Beatmeister's Remix) - The Cure
11) Everywhere I Go (Album Version) - The Call
12) Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream) (12" Mix) - Icicle Works
13) This Charming Man (12" Mix) - The Smiths
14) Walking On Sunshine (12" Mix) - Katrina & The Waves

In short, the 80s for me was the best! No problems, no stress. Just a colorful decade full of fun, unique fashion, great memories, and EXCELLENT MUSIC. :)


DSR said...

Hey BEAT!! Thank you very much for giving on to my request regarding this Fast New Wave Mix!! I really enjoyed listening to it. I was "DANCING WITH MYSELF" literally. HA HA HA!!


the beatmeister said...

ei docstir!!

no prob bro... anytime. :D galing nga idea mo eh. buti nirequest mo. however, i almost hit my head on the wall while dancing to "The Ramones" naman. am i really that stessed out??? hahahaha!!!!


DSR said...

Hey BEAT!! Do you wanna be sedated? :-) OK!! Would it be 5% Xylocaine? Well, I guess I have to prep and drape you up first if you get my drift bro. HA HA HA!!


the beatmeister said...


ayos ka talaga docstir!! hehe. sana lang if i were the patient, I would tolerate the procedure well. hehehehe!!!

spazzkid said...

wow tracklist pa lang excited na ako. i cant wait to get home and listen to this mix!

the beatmeister said...

ei spazz (mark),

enjoy bro!

thanks. :)

DSR said...

Archived on my blog:


Anonymous said...

Seriously this is one of the best mixes I've heard period. Pure music, high energy, nostalgia, everything you need to get the crowd going crazy. As a working dj in hollywood you have my respect.

the beatmeister said...

thanks man! appreciate the very nice comment. :D


Anonymous said...


Cool mix pre, maybe you knew some DJ here in UK, i'd like to meet them, i live in Kent (,i've got loads of new wave disc collection, maybe they can help me to do same mixing

the beatmeister said...

ei anonymous,

sorry bro... don't know any DJ from UK, mostly in the US and Canada, but thanks for the positive comments. appreciate it.