Thursday, May 8, 2008

OPM Remixed - Eargasmic (The Beatmeister's Remix) - Dice & K9

Continuing my goal to share some of the best Original Pinoy Music (OPM) to the world and promote our local talents, here's another great Pinoy hip-hop group, which I kinda like coz' of their continuously evolving sound and original style without trying too hard to sound foreign.

Here's a brief backgrounder as quoted from their multiply site, "Dice and K9 or better known in the HipHop community as Mobbstarr is a hip-hop collective composed of producers, rappers and a singer. Formed in 2002, the group first enjoyed mainstream success with their smash hit Itsumo which propelled their second album entitled Mobbstarr to hip-hop royalty status. Their first album Mobb Music which was released exclusively in Cebu made enough noise for them to be noticed by industry giants like Warner Music ." You can read more about them via

Am uploading a sample of their latest track called "Eargasmic," which I've personally remixed and tweaked to make it more DJ friendly and dancefloor ready. Inspired by remix services such as Mixx-It, Groove Deluxe, and Funky Mix, I have added some intros and outros to the song with some filters and FX in between, without changing the structure and arrangement of the original. More cool tracks are included in their latest album if you enjoyed this one, so you can support them by buying a copy.

This song is a proof of the group's versatility because of its more danceable, four-to-the-floor beats with some Daft Punk-like chorus in the background, as compared to their previous hits, which is also good, but more funky, slow, hip-hop style.

Eargasmic (The Beatmeister's Remix) - Dice & K9

Now, get ready for some Crush Groovin', Body Movin', Record Breakin', Hit Makin' vibe, as this is a prelude to what my upcoming mix set would sound like. PEACE!


Mix Digger said...

Hey there,

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I just post your latest update`s on my blog spot?
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Thx and keep up the good work.

the beatmeister said...

ei mixdigger,

no prob bro. will be linking you back. :D

thanks for the support.

Noelle De Guzman said...

It's a great song and I will be buying Mobbstarr's album (good stuff like this should be encouraged and supported). Thanks for posting your remix! :D

the beatmeister said...

hi noelle,

thanks for droppin' by and enjoying the remix. :D yup, agree. great Filipino talents should really be supported.

btw, you have a great blog too. :D


Ferdi Laco said...

The Beatmeister, I do not know you personally but you are an amazing guy with such talents that can go places. I wish I can offer you a job here in the US and make more money. keep up with your excellent work. You are inspring a lot of people to love and apprecate good music and remixes. Leave me a reply and we'll see what happens next. I am thinking of something big right now..... kudos to you. This is a great website. - Ferdi Laco, USA (2008).

the beatmeister said...

hi ferdi,

thanks so much for the inspiring words and very nice compliments. i appreciate it greatly. they only push me to create more mixes, remixes and mash-ups of the type of music i love most to share with everyone who has the same passion.

would love to hear more about your plans so please do drop me an email and will be looking forward to that.


Anonymous said...

Hi, as you may already noticed I'm fresh here.
Hope to receive some assistance from you if I will have any quesitons.
Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)