Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh Eight, Summer Ender Mix - DJ Mix by Spazzkid

Summer is about to end here in Manila (too bad :( ), and what better way to end it than with this different kind of DJ mix from Spazzkid, another fellow Pinoy, who's more of an electronic musician (some call it live PA), than a DJ, but he can deliver great DJ mixes done the Spazzkid way. He even has done some remixes for other fellow electronica guys.
Spazzkid recently invited me to his multiply site and I was quite amazed by his original tracks, mostly electronic, lo-fi music, coupled in with some breaks, electro and house. He also has several DJ mixes, which I also dig, coz' I love hearing new sounds every now and then to broaden my musical sphere and satisfy my eclectic taste.

You can learn more about him and hear more of his tunes and mixes by visiting his multiply site @ http://spazzkid.multiply.com/ .

I am featuring his latest mix, a summer ender, with quite a cool title and unique album cover. (thanks for the pics BTW bro).

If you're in the mood listening to some new stuff, mostly of the indie alternative to lo-fi to disco punk/electro vibe, you'd definitely enjoy this set.

Tracklist (REPOST):
1) Siriusmo - Girls Rock
2) Louise La Roche - Love
3) James Figurine - Apologies
4) Fred Falke - Megaman
5) Neon Neon - I lust you
6) M.I.T.C.H. - Fais Rentrer Les Euros (Feat. Uffie)
7) Calvin Harris - Merry Making

8) Crystal Castles - Untrust Us
9) Chromeo - 100 Percent
10) Chromeo - Fancy Footwork
11) Tokyo Police Club - Juno
12) PNAU - Come Together
13) Cut Copy - Lights and Music
14) Breakbot - The Summer Party

Link... Oh Eight, Summer Ender Mix - Spazzkid (click on the link to preview; right click and save as... to download)

Another great Pinoy talent is in the house. Nice job bro and hope to hear more electronic beats and bleeps in the future.

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