Sunday, June 17, 2007

Junglistic Histrionics

For most people, if they hear this type of music called "Jungle ", perhaps the first thing that would come to their minds would be some sort of tribal music or anything of that kind. However, for those who are into electronic music, Jungle is a monicker for Drum N' Bass music.

As quoted from an issue of URB magazine, jungle or drum n' bass could be described as the combination of sped-up hip-hop breaks, techno, house, reggae, and jazz. What I like about it is that it's the type that would never bore you as it could go from lightning speed beats/breaks to super slow trippy beats in a matter of seconds with the incorporation of some elements of jazz, hip-hop, ska and reggae. A nice example of this would be the music of Roni Size (who I think is one of the best Drum N Bass DJ/artists out there). His track called, "Brown Paper Bag", which I heard back in late 90s, made me to listen to this kind of music and the accompanying video, made it more interesting...

Also with the growing popularity of jungle/drum n' bass in the US and Europe, other sub-genres emerged like Jump-Up, Tech Step, Atmospheric Drum n' Bass, etc.

Too bad, the music that we listen to nowadays is very much limited because of too commercialized radio stations and music video channels. Very few people (especially here in the Philippines), I feel, are into this genre. Thanks to the internet, that those who want something different could listen to some jungle/drum n' bass tracks and not be stuck listening to mainstream music.

Also, because of this exposure, more and more Filipino artists/bands are embracing drum n' bass. Bands like Up Dharma Down, Drip, and other underground indie electronic artists are jumping into the bandwagon, which I think, is a good thing because there would be variety in what we listen to.

For my next upload, I won't be enumerating all the tracks, as there would be surprise tracks in the middle of the mix, and I don't want to be the one responsible for spoiling it. Just a rundown of the artists included would be Roni Size/Reprazent, Photek, Adam F, Aphrodite, Moloko, DJ Sage, Towa Tei, John Tejada, Prodigy, Dieselboy and more of my drum N' bass heroes.

Hope you enjoy this mix again like the first one, as much as I enjoyed doing it. Thanks for the comments and keep them coming!!

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