Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Songs From The Big Chair - My New Wave Mix

The other day, while at a music store, I stumbled across this reissued album from what gen-X'ers like me, believe, were one of the most influential groups of the new wave era, Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, collectively known as Tears For Fears. Alongside Depeche Mode, The Smiths, The Cure, The The, The Church, Modern English, Lotus Eaters, and other great bands, Tears For Fears' sound really defined the meaning of "New Wave" from that era. I remember imitating Roland Orzabal's moves in Mad World and The Way You Are, which was also a blast. :)

Personally, I think, the "Songs From The Big Chair" album is far more better than "The Hurting" album with the addition of two more members, Ian Stanley (keyboards) and Manny Elias (drums), giving them a more edgier sound. The reissued album is a double-disc and contains B-sides, rare 12" mixes, and live cuts from their previous concerts.

For my third installment, I will be uploading my new wave mix containing some of my favorite tracks back then including 1 track from this great album. Some of them were not that popular during that time, but I still consider them classic and memorable tunes.

Here's the tracklisting:

1) Everything Counts (Derzebereth Mix) - Depeche Mode.
2) She Drives Me Crazy (Ultimix) - Fine Young Cannibals
3) Ballet Dancer (Extended Version) - The Twins
4) Safety Dance (Disconet Mix) - Men Without Hats (The midget is cool.)
5) Cruel Summer (Rainy Day Reverb Mix) - Bananarama
6) Let Me Go (Razormaid Mix) - Heaven 17
7) Too Shy (Discotech Mix) - Kajagoogoo
8) Don't You (Forget About Me) (Disconet Mix) - Simple Minds (The Breakfast Club Rocks!!!)
9) Running Away (Extended Version) - The Colourfield (One of the most underrated bands of the 80s).
10) Mother's Talk (Beat Of The Drum Mix) - Tears for Fears
11) Beatbox (Extended Version) - The Art Of Noise
12) Promises Promises (Jellybean 12" Mix) - Naked Eyes (Love this tune!)
13) Thieves Like Us (New Order Mix) - New Order (A Classic Track from New Order)
14) Dance Hall Days (Extended Version) - Wang Chung

Have fun listening and don't forget to post some comments!! Thanks. :)


Fernando said...

This is Fercho from Mexico. I can't wait to hear this wave mix. I love those tunes!!!

Thank u

the beatmeister said...

Hi Fercho!

Thanks for visiting! Am glad you enjoyed them. Please continue to visit as I have more New Wave Mixes to upload in the future. Please try also my 80s reinvented mix if you love New Wave.

Cheers!! :)

mon said...

hey guys nice stuff....maybe i can share my mix tooo.....continue some new wave and retro mix...
salamat po....

the beatmeister said...

hi mon!

thanks for visiting man. :D are you based in Manila?

Derzebereth said...

Congratulations! it's a great mix and is very exciting I found a mix that I made. I mean Everything Counts of Depeche Mode, this mix I made it 2 years ago. You make me feel so important, it's so cute. Many thanks.

A kiss