Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NBC Heroes: Volume 2: Generations Preview

Here's something not related to music, but am also really very passionate about. My lovely wife and I had a blast last night watching the final three episodes of Season 1, and man, it was awesome! Can't wait for the Volume 2 premier and also the spinoff, which are a series of standalone episodes called, Heroes:Origins. From what I've read, the story might deal with the first generation of heroes (Peter and Nathan's Mom, Suresh's father, Hiro's father, and others). This would keep everyone occupied while waiting for season 2. ;)

Just one drawback from the final episode, the fight between Sylar and Peter was quite lame, and hope they could use more of their powers come next season when they face off again.

Now, this is what I would like to call a new generation of Justice League, except more realistic as they are ordinary people having extraordinary abilities.

Enjoy the vid!! :)

BTW, thanks Froi for the copy.


kewl said...

the fight scene between peter and sylar was quite really lame, but that's just a small part. come september there's a lot in store for us Heroes followers.

good thing we have internet here, we were able to download all the episodes and i was able to watch the whole season of Heroes. Go Hiro!!!

Anonymous said...

I do agree that I was rather hyped about the final fight scene but nevertheless it didn't lack the drama that it has originally built. I hope they can sustain the good start and following they have built by improving on the plot and to be more creative in the character introduction in terms of types of powers they will be possessing....

Save the cheerleader! Save the world!

the beatmeister said...

I just hope that they push through with the Heroes:Origins spinoff, stand-alone episodes, so that us, Herophiles, would know more about how they acquired these special abilities.

Also, perhaps it would show the origin of Takezo Kensei? What do you think...


Mirra said...

People should read this.