Sunday, July 8, 2007

Big Bam Boom - Monday Retro Madness

Here's somethin' to jump start your week right; another mix compilation of my favorite 80s tunes. For retro lovers, today's post says it all. Taken from the album title of one of the most successful duos of the 80s, Hall & Oates, today's upload contains some of the best tunes from this era. I could definitely say that the 80s was an important decade for music since two things were invented from this era: The Compact Disc and Music Television. In connection with this, I will be posting not 1, but 2 rare music videos to show how much MTV has affected how music was delivered to the masses. Here's the first video of my favorite track from Hall & Oates, "Out Of Touch," also taken from the same album. Enjoy!!

Here's another classic from Regina, "Baby Love." Thanks to my friend, Rene, for reminding me how great this song was.

Now kicking off the mix is Giant Steps' "Another Lover," the same group, who had the smash hit, "Into You." I've also included tracks from Delegation, Eric Gadd, Janet Jackson, and one of my favorite groups, Swing Out Sister with two of their most popular songs in the mix namely "Breakout" and "Waiting Game". Also included are hits from Timex Social Club, whose songs were 80s disco anthems with John Robinson, one of the best and most popular DJs in Manila back then, on the Wheels Of Steel. From my research, I think he now DJs in Tokyo and here's a current photo of him.

In this regard, I hope you have a wonderful trip down memory lane with these classic dance tracks all in the mix from my generation, the 80s.

1) Another Lover - Giant Steps (12" Dance Mix) (nice one!!!)
2) Where's The Love - Delegation (Extended Mix)
3) Do You Believe In Me - Eric Gadd (G-Mix)
4) When I Think Of You - Janet Jackson (Hot Tracks Mix)
5) Breakout- Swing Out Sister (Disconet Remix)
6) Mixed Up World - Timex Social Club (12" Dance Mix)
7) This House - Tracy Spencer
8) Baby Love - Regina (Vocal Mix)
9) Point Of No Return - Nu Shooz (Ultimix)
10) Automatic - Pointer Sisters (Extended Version)
11) Just An Illusion - Imagination (12" Extended Mix)
12) Night To Remember - Shalamar (Extended Version)
13) Let's Get Together Tonite - Steve Walsh (12" Extended Version)
14) Pop Muzik - M (Extended Remix)
15) West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys (Shep Pettibone Disco Mix) (my favorite Pet Shop track)
16) Rapture - Blondie (Razormaid Mix) (nicely done!)
17) Waiting Game - Swing Out Sister (Extended Version)
18) Mercedes Boy - Pebbles (Ultimix)
19) Rumors - Timex Social Club (Shep Pettibone's Extended Mix)
20) Out Of Touch - Hall & Oates (Disconet Remix)
21) I Can Dream About You - Dan Hartman (Extended Mix)

Enjoy your travel back through time once more!!! :)


Jaybee John Vincent said...

pare, kindly check out the link for this entry. tried to but got an error message. hope you can repost it elsewhere.

the beatmeister said...


Tried the link, ok naman. Perhaps naka firewall ung internet niyo? Am not sure. :( Am having problems kasi with zshare during that time kaya I used MediaFire. Baka nakablock sa inyo ung website.

Go to Fexy's Born Again 80s blogsite na lang. He posted my mix there using zshare. You can download it there. Thanks! :)


Jaybee John Vincent said...

gotcha! zshare works better with me.... astig na mga ginagawa mo ngayun pre.... antayin mo lang yung request ko....

Tallsonofagun said...

Thanks for the great mix. I got it from Fexy´s site. Love the whole thing, but especially love the Tracie Spencer "This House" track you used. One of my favorite songs from that period and unfortunately one of the most underrated one hit wonders out there. Anyway, thanks for the mix and the terrific blog.

the beatmeister said...

Hi jeyb,

Maraming salamat bro! No prob. Request ka lang. I've already posted the one, which you told me you also want. Some Chillout House, ung parang ke Anton Ramos. Try it also. :)


the beatmeister said...

Hi tallsonofagun,

Thanks so much for the nice comments! :) Am really glad you enjoyed them, as much as I did mixing all of those classic tracks.

I agree with you with Tracie Spencer's hit. Besides, the song has a good message.

Please continue to visit as I have more, and also retro stuff. Also, if you don't mind, I'll link your blog too. Thanks again mate!

Cheers! :)

bomitoni said...

Stupid question, but how do you get yahoo videos to embed??? I am on their site right now and I don't see any link on any of the I blind????

the beatmeister said...

Hi bomitoni,

First of all, thanks for your visit! :)

Regarding the Yahoo! videos, what I did was to copy the EMBED code below the video. Then, I pasted it on my post. That's it. However, I think you could only do that if the video could be played on the Yahoo! site. I discovered that some videos are not and you'd still be redirected to a specific site and I'm not able to embed those kinds of vids.

Hope this helps. :)