Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Our Need For Speed - More Drum N' Bass Beats

While thinking of a good title for today's post, I was reading my buddy, Karl's blog regarding his need for speed with the all-new Subaru Impreza WRX. This gave me an idea of having my own "need for speed" music-wise.

Having posted back-to-back retro compilations and the last one on 80s music reinvention, I felt the urge to break away from retro for the meantime and satisfy my craving for some drum n' bass once more, and add some variety to my blog.

In this D&B mix, I have included some of my new favorites from the Drum N' Bass arena. Topping my list are London Elektricity and High Contrast. These are two of the most promising new acts in the genre especially after seeing their drummer (London Elektricity) perform live with DJ Fu. Here's a clip from that amazing performance...

Now, for today's tracklisting:
1) Floodlight (Dogs On Acid) - DJ Fresh (Original Mix)
2) Juicy Fruit - Total Science (Calibre Remix)
3) Fast Soul Music - London Elektricity (Nu Tone Remix)
4) Make It Tonight - High Contrast (DJ Marky & XRS Remix)
5) Hanging Rock - London Elektricity
6) The Bear - Dieselboy (Universal Project Remix)
7) Has It Come To This - The Streets (High Contrast Remix)

8) Whip It - Devo (Sakurai Mix)
9) They - Jem (Photek Mix)
10) Out Of Touch - Total Science
11) Aven Le Roma - GI Attila Scratch and Jewish Harping by Kwikka
12) It's A Jazz Thing - Roni Size
13) Blue Orchid - White Stripes (High Contrast Remix)
14) Six Million Ways To Die - DJ Hype
15) Ultrasonic Sound - Hive
16) Caught A Cold Light Vein - Tori Amos vs. Noisia

The link...

Here's to satisfying your own need for speed once in a while! :P

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