Thursday, July 5, 2007

It's All Gone Pete Tong - My Frankie Wilde Tribute Mix

Having watched a couple of DJ related movies including "True Vinyl" starring Eric Szmanda (of CSI:Crime Scene Investigation fame) and "Juice" starring the late Tupac and Omar Epps (House MD) as DJ Q, "It's All Gone Pete Tong," starring a not-so-famous actor, was a runaway winner.

Taken from a British expression, "it's all gone wrong," "It's All Gone Pete Tong" succeeds because it embraces such opposites: blending sound and silence, debauchery and contemplation, hoary cliches and original notions. This movie is based on the legend of real-life DJ Frankie Wilde (not so real from my research), has as much in common with Oscar-nominated movies (one scene could be compared to The Aviator), about the journeys of personal spiritual awakening. Granted that most Oscar-nominated movies don't usually include scenes of a belligerent badger, dressed in a frumpy princess outfit, beating up the protagonist and forcing him to do cocaine.

The film manages to mash music industry excess (pills and bling bling) and sentimentality. It also features interviews and cameo appearances of real-life DJs (including Paul Van Dyk, DJ Tiesto, Carl Cox, and a lot more), who knew Frankie with the recreated story of his fall and rebirth. The lead actor, Paul Kaye, perfectly conveys all the characteristic trappings of someone enjoying the benefits of fame a little too much like a raging messiah complex (pretending to be crucified in one of his gigs) and the unchecked libido with coagulated coke-laced snot dangling from his nose.

Having the benefits of fame didn't last long for Frankie as he suffered massive hearing loss and as one of interviews puts it, no record label wants a "Deaf Stamp." So with the new album due, Frankie's life slides into inevitable turmoil--that is until he meets a beautiful and spirited (and as you've guessed it, deaf) lip reading teacher, who was instrumental in Frankie's triumph against adversity.
After watching it, perhaps a gazillion times, I can definitely say that this is not just your ordinary DJ movie, but also about how anyone can fall and come back again, as long as they have the sheer determination and love for their craft.
So in this regard, today's mix comprises music from the movie, mostly four-to-the-floor tunes, as some sort of my personal tribute to the legendary deaf DJ, Frankie Wilde.

Soundtrack Mix includes:
1) Troubles - The Beta Band (my favorite track in the album; you'll appreciate it more after watching the movie)
2) DJs in a Row - Schwab
3) Plastic Dreams - Jaydee (The Beatmeister Remix)
4) Need To Feel Loved - Reflekt feat. Deline Bass (Seb Fontaine & Jay P's Type Remix)
5) Back To Basics - Shapeshifters (Steve Lawler's Return To Rehab Remix)
6) Yimanya - Filterheadz (Original Mix)
7) More Intensity - Pete Tong & Chris Cox (Original Mix)
8) Musak - Trisco (Steve Lawler Mix)
9) Rock Your Body, Rock - Ferry Corsten (Extended Mix) (superb dancefloor anthem!!!)
10) Flashdance - Deep Dish (Raul Rincon Mix)
11) Can You Hear Me Now - Frankie Wilde
12) Da Hussla/Get Down - Frankie Wilde with DJ Jimmy Bell
13) Drop The Pressure - Mylo (Rafael Oliver Club Mix) (not played in the movie, but I just thought of including this track)
14) Freak U - Frankie Wilde
15) Need To Feel Loved - Reflekt feat. Deline Bass (Club Mix)
16) It's Over - The Beta Band (nice one!!!)

So if you want somethin' different this weekend, give this movie a try and you won't regret it!


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