Monday, July 30, 2007

The Simpsons Movie - In 2-D

Just wanted to share how much I enjoyed this movie with my wifey (a certified Simpsons geek) over the weekend. She was the one who was really excited about the movie, the first time it was announced and I'm really glad we were able to see it, as we both had a great laugh especially with Homer and Bart's antics. D'oh!! :)


Jaybee John Vincent said...

must be real nice. have to find time to watch it.

ellen says thanks for the greet. sa debut nya daw ikaw ang DJ! :)

btw, here's my request. it's not really for me. more yours than mine. here goes: what songs would you include for a 90-minute mix to capture the songs of your high school days? say its your reunion and youre tasked to handle music -- what's it gonna be like? i think that would be exciting. if you get the time to come up with your set, i'll be requesting for mine later. (tagal na kasi yun e). hehehe

regards to marj.God bless you bro!

deepweb said...

Simpsons are really cool

the beatmeister said...

Hey Jeyb,

Ayos, DJ, hehe.. :)

Regarding the idea, perhaps have already done it with my last post, "The Experimental Eclectic 80s" and "The New Wave Mix", which I've done last month (di nga lang 90 minutes, hehe). Kasi, high school for me is mostly new wave tracks talaga eh. Anyway, will be uploading more tunes of this kind in the coming weeks. Busy lang talaga and no time to mix new stuff. Regarding your request, ano ba un talaga? :) Am curious eh.

Regards to the whole family. :)

the beatmeister said...

Hi deepweb,

Thanks for visiting! Agree, the Simpsons are really cool.

Anyway, thanks for featuring a link of my blog on yours. :) Appreciate it mate!